How to Get a Bacs SUN (Service User Number)

How to Get a Bacs SUN (Service User Number)

Any business wishing to collect UK payments by direct debit requires a SUN (Service User Number) from BACS (Bankers Automated Clear Services). Here’s a quick explanation of going about it.

Contact your bank! Bacs issue SUNs to those businesses, sponsored by members of Bacs, which are the UK’s leading banks. Each bank has its own application process, so you have to contact your bank to learn about how to apply.

Check the application process. It varies from bank to bank, but checks will be included for most: the approval process is designed to ensure that the business will be able to operate within the rules of direct debit and maintain the integrity of the scheme.


Financial standing

Management expertise

Administrative capabilities

Set up your direct debit instruction. Once you become a batch service user, you have the option of setting up direct debit instructions for collecting payments from your customers – paper or paperless. Additional services and payment providers are also available.
Be rigorous in your payment processing. When you start using your SUN, your performance will be tracked – and if a significant amount of your customers uses a Direct Debit Guarantee to complain about your service, then you have your SUN and direct debit The ability to set up can also be lost!

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