How to Find the Best Deal on a DVD Rental Service

How to Find the Best Deal on a DVD Rental Service

Renting DVDs from home is very convenient and there is a great way to get huge amounts of free distribution delivered directly to your door. For movie enthusiasts, as long as Hollywood does not tell a way to pay per view to everything, the delivery of DVD is as good as the service.

Identify best sellers who are actually just Netflix and Blockbuster online. Wal-Mart and Amazon have left this business.

Understand their different plans. Netflix’s plan is starting at $ 4.99 per month, but only one DVD at a time and 2 total permissions per month is allowed. Their more standard and popular plan is $ 16.99, which gives you 3 DVDs per month. Blockbuster has a plan that starts at $ 8.99 per month and gives you 1 DVD with unlimited rent per month. For $ 11.99, you can add 2 in-store rental coupons per month with your membership. Their $ 16.99 plan comes with 2 DVD rentals per month + 3 free in-store rental coupons in one month.

Understand that renting is not the only option. If you can use a DVD for $ 5-8 (try eBay and Craigslist), then it may be worth it if you are going to see it repeatedly, share it with friends, or Ultimately, donate it to a church, donation, or library. Remember, the rental DVD is also used.
See deals, discounts, prizes, etc. from your favorite membership programs. Most loyalty programs have deals with these DVD services and you can earn discounts, numbers, miles, cash back and more.

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