How to Find and Use Social Networking Websites

How to Find and Use Social Networking Websites

There are millions of social networking sites. From chatting sites, to profiles sites, even questions and answers sites! Find out how to use them and how to use them.

Finding a Social Networking Site

Think about which site you want to use / chat. Make a list of criteria; Maybe you want to talk about random things, a special thing, you can use the internet to find dates!

Visit your browser (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and find out what kind of site you’re looking for.

If you are under the age of 18, then what age are you in particular? You never know who you are talking to, can be an internet hunter who wants to harm you.

Read the option search engine. Typically they will give a small description about the site before you click. Read it, and decide if you like it or not. If you like it with the details, click it and see it.

Be cautious before visiting a website and use a virus checker.

Places like Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook are very safe, yet be cautious and alert about the people you do not know.

Using the Social Networking Site

To find out if you were thinking about the site, look at the site. Sometimes you can join a site but do not really like it, try to avoid it, especially if you have put any personal information. A hunter can know this and can use it against you, without knowing it you can

If this is possible, then do a search and see what people say about the website about which you are thinking of joining. If they give them a good rate, or if people say that it is dangerous, then it will be different, but always look at the comments and see any warning.

Make an account. If you like the website, make an account. They’ll usually ask for the following:



E-mail address


First name

Last name

Zip/postal code



Fill your profile. It’s fun, just fill out the basic information you want (or feel comfortable giving it) and save it.

Stay active in their community. Explore the site and see how things work, if it’s a chat room, hang in it and see what people talk about.

If you ever feel uncomfortable in a chat (if someone asks you to know that you do not want to go away), you do not need to answer. Just say “I value my privacy” and if they push, leave chat.

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