How to Enjoy Jury Service

Working as a trial juror at any level of the trial court is a fascinating experience, but to reach that level you need to prepare yourself at different levels.

“Stop watching CSI, Judge Judy, this or the judge. Oh, yes, and” shark “too.” Grab a hold and understand what they are, they like to call, reality show. Do not expect such entertainment from the court. Actual jury trials, though attractive and sometimes exciting, are not subject to “Nielsen ratings”, nor should they be. Testing has not started for any of these reasons.

Do not listen to any rumors about the conduct of any court, unless the person giving this information is a jury commissioner or a court official, who knows how the court does business.

Study the history brought by the jury to the people of the United States.
Call the court, or check the web site, and find out how the program works. For example, at what time do you report? Is there a flex in the schedule? Can I bring my cell – Blackberry, etc., when I’m waiting? Can I see the process in front of my eyes in the chatroom? Courts in this country have become very active in the jury management, you may be surprised.

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