How to Do the Gnome Delivery Service Mini Game

How to Do the Gnome Delivery Service Mini Game

Do you want to earn a lot of money in RuneScape, but you just can not do repeating work to save money on yourself? The ultimate source of travel between the bank and the location of your favorite fishing can be fluffy, or you may find a symbol of ‘boring’ to kill the same monsters and drag their drops to the bank. Do you look diverse and interesting to do something that can make you money? Then the Gnostic delivers are talking for you!

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Tree completes Gnom Village and Grand Tree, and brings at least 150 gold, restoration items, and teleportation runs.

While these quests and items are not essential, they will make minigame very easy to complete.

Head to the Gnome Stronghold.

If you have not already done so, learn how to cook Gnome from Gian Sr.

For this, you may have to learn to make a Gnome Drink from Blueberry first.

Get hard deliveries from Aluft Jr.

Carry out the deliveries.

Deliver them successfully and you will get great awards like half Keys, Gemstones, Gnome Scarves, Gnom Goggles, Seeds, Herbs, and much more.

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