How to Disassemble/Reasemble an M14 Service Rifle

How to Disassemble/Reasemble an M14 Service Rifle

It is easy, and it is possible to separate and re-assemble an M14 service rifle in less than 60 seconds. Such as exercise caution.

Clear the weapon by:

Turning on the safety.

Locking the bolt to the rear.

Deactivate safety.

Fire the weapon into a clearing barrel or similar.

Work charging handle and reapply safety.

Move the M14 to its back and drag it to the trigger guard, which will result in this popping open.

Slowly slide the trigger guard and the attached firing mechanism out of the stock, so the stock will be free of weapons.

Locate assembly rod, press inward on the back and rotate the rod.

CAREFULLY lift the rod out of its place.

Press on the spring guide and slide the guide-pin out of the way, be careful that you do not let the spring / guide go out.

Slide the operating rod back, turning it slightly so it falls out.

Grab the bolt, slide it forward, and angle it down so it comes out.

Repeat these steps in reverse order to collect it again. Note: When the assembly rolls back to the rod, keep it back, press on the back, and change it to its original state.

Once done, pull the bolt to the rear, aim in a safe direction, and dry fire.

Put the safety back on your weapon.

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