How to Deliver the Best Live Chat Support to Your Customers

How to Deliver the Best Live Chat Support to Your Customers

Integrate live chat on your website for many benefits. You may not know that adding live chat to the website can also result in large scale conversion rates. The reason for this is that most online customers prefer to deal with websites supported with live website support. Therefore, providing a phone number and an email address as contact details is not enough, nowadays.

However, to maximize the benefits of live chat support, entrepreneurs need to be active because the website visitors expect immediate feedback (mostly within seconds) about their queries. According to Forrester Research’s findings, 44% believe that getting answers to their questions between online purchases is the most important feature, one can present a website. However, 63% repeats prefer to come back to the website for purchase, which provide live chat facility. It was further found in the survey that 38% of online customers decided to purchase due to the live chat session.

Effective figures describe the importance of live website support to increase your business. However, the next question is how can one live the most live support? The correct implementation of live support is the answer. The following are some of the points highlighted on how entrepreneurs can implement it on their websites and can get maximum benefit from it.

Prepare yourself.Before making chat icon live on your website, completely understand your website and your customers’ needs.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can easily learn about visitors’ activity on your website and the time when most of them are on your website. For every online business, 9 to 5 chat hours will not work but 24/7 cover is a better option. By looking at your website traffic inflows and chat frequency, you can decide the number of resources needed to handle chat. You have to provide an exceptional live chat service experience for your customers because they will not be able to stay at the lowest level. Remember, an unresponsive chat is the worst of a chat.

Deploy experienced chat operators.

You will be deployed experienced and well informed live chat operators on your website to handle the queries of customers, to ensure that the skills of your chat operators are more than the prevailing industry standards and they fully understand your website. They should be well aware of the characteristics, functionality and business functions of your website. Keep them product updates, features, innovations and newer versions.

Learn a few rules of thumb.

There are certain rules that every operator should follow before going live to handle chat. Remember to welcome every visitor with his name. Try to answer immediately. If the customer is requested that the process will take time, tell him. Learn when to do it. Try to avoid cold reactions and minimize the use of canned messages. Try to give hot reactions to visitors and give as much human touch as possible to your chat session.

Be Patient.

It is commonly seen that most customers ask the same type of questions from operators and it can bother them for nothing. Be sure to provide online library, packaged messaging and frequently asked questions for your operators to respond quickly to customers. Try to keep the answer brief and to the point. At the same time, professional experts recommend the use of canned messages to be minimized. Human touch and answer yourself as many questions as possible. Otherwise, leaving your customers’ questions unanswered or pending for a long time kills the purpose of adding live chat support to your ecommerce website.

Conduct post chat surveys.

Always keep track of the achievements of your live chat operators from time to time. By operating post chat surveys, you can measure their performance. Negative feedback will help you keep a tab on your weak points and improve them over time. Do not forget to ask your customers to like their Facebook page and leave a comment on it so that you can get money.

Always strive to provide exceptional customer service.Do not forget, new yet strong relationships are always built upon exceptional service.

Business relationships are no exception to this rule and live chat support provided by WebGreeter and other famous live website support providers provide the means for obtaining it. All you need is to use this support wisely. If you do this, you will get huge business benefits in terms of increased sales volume, better conversion rates, and more traffic.

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