How to Clean an M16 Service Rifle

Clearing your rifle will allow the crack to be retained in working condition. If you have an M16 service rifle, start it on step 1 to clear it.

Get your M-16A service rifle and an M-16A cleaning service rifle kit. The kit consist of:

Rifle lubricant

Wire brush

Barrel rods

Cotton swabs

Rifle cleaning solution

A dozen rags

Table or bench

Ensure that the weapon is on the safe and clear of ammunition. Press the button next to the trigger, keep the rifle safe.

Drag the charging handle until it is locked. When it appears in the ejection port cover for any tablets in the Chamber.

Wipe the weapon with a dry rag. Remove all dust, dirt and oil from the weapon.

Remove the rifle belt.

Separate the rifle by removing the pins that hold the upper and lower receiver and clean them and take out the charging handle. Pins are located on the lower receiver butt stock assembly.

Clean out the upper receiver with a dry rag. Spray the rifle cleaning solution inside the upper receiver. Brush inside the upper receiver with wire brush to remove carbon and dirt. Clean the inside clean with the next one dry rag.

Clean out the lower receiver butt stock assembly with a dry rag. Spray the rifle cleaning solution inside the trigger mechanism. Use the cotton swab to clean inside the trigger mechanism.

Remove the bolt carrier assembly from the upper receiver assembly.

Clean the bolt carrier assembly; Remove the retaining pin in favor of the Bolt carrier assembly. Let the firing pin and the cam pin come out, then slide the bolt carrier’s bolt. Clean all the carbon and dirt with these parts cleaning slurry and cotton swab.

Attach a clean barrel sweep to a barrel barrel. Scrub the barrel from inside the muzzle. Repeat until the barrel is cleared.

Apply a thin coat of M-16A lubricant on all metal parts of the rifle as you collect it.

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