How to Choose a VOIP Service Provider

Due to the explosion of broadband service, VOIP has become a very big item. If you know how to choose the service that best suits your needs.

Find out if your internet connection is “VOIP-ready”. Most of the time when people are unhappy with the VOIP service, it is not a mistake in the service, but the customer’s internet connection. Go for VOIP Speed Test and run some call quality tests there to know whether your connection is too fast to support VOIP.

Check your phone bill to see how much you are paying in services and what exactly do you need for services like call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling, caller ID etc., your total amount paid for each month Keep it down. If you are looking for VOIP to save money, then consider how much you would have to spend to lose “bundled services” like DSL and Television, if you were canceling your landline phone service.

Research on many different VOIP providers to find out what features you have for the best price or what you need. Both Google Talk ( and Skype provide free and paid services.

See Money Back Guarantee, Contract Term and Equipment Return Policies. Make sure that the service providers you are considering are guaranteed at least 30 days. If they do not guarantee, do not even think about them. All major providers offer solid guarantee. Make sure you understand the contract term and know how long you are committing yourself too. Watch out for “free” ploys who lock you in a long-term contract, or when you cancel the service, you charge for the device. No contract required to provide some service.

If you are using DSL, keep in mind that you can not cancel your phone service. Most phone companies will provide a “metered service” that you will pay per call. Since you are going to use VOIP, if you are not calling many (if any) on your copper line, only running DSL on it. If you are using DSL, it is actually necessary that you see the metered service. If you are going to pay for VOIP, why would you want to pay for a standard line?

Look for the number portability that you are considering for the provider. If you need to keep your current phone number, do not consider a provider who can not allow you to keep your current number.

Order your VOIP service and enjoy all the free fancy phone features, which you will normally pay for a hand and foot through your local phone provider.

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