How to Change Which System Services Have Access to Your Location on an iPhone

How to Change Which System Services Have Access to Your Location on an iPhone

This eMinds CA teaches you about which iPhone app can use and use your location data to improve location-based suggestions (such as nearby stores) and future updates of the map app.

Open the settings of your iPhone. The icon resembles the set of gray cogs located on the home screen.

If the setting is not present on the home screen, its icon may be located in the utilities folder on a home screen.

Scroll down and tap Privacy. This menu is located in the third group of options.

Tap Location Services.

Scroll down and tap System Services. It is at the bottom of the menu.

Tap a toggle switch next to the desired service. The switch will either be green (current) or white (closed), indicating that location information is either accessible or limited to that specific system service.

In the first group of menu options, system services will use location information to keep track of your iPhone and send location based alerts, ads, suggestions and time alerts.

Under “Product Improvements”, system services will collect location data to store Maps apps and location-based suggestions such as popular restaurants and future updates.

Switching the status bar icon button will affect whether the location service icon is displayed in the top right corner of the iPhone, near the battery life indicator if the location information is accessed. To see when the app is requesting or using your location information.

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