How to Cancel Your Membership on Sexsearch.Com

How to Cancel Your Membership on Sexsearch.Com

You are here because you have a problem with terminating your membership with that site. There is a solution for you in this article.

By scanning and sending a dated and signed letter “[email protected]” to you, it prompts you to cancel the membership on their site. Make sure you write: “Please reply to confirm the receipt of this email” as an option in the body of your email.

Log in to the site and go to the homepage. Scroll down to the middle. You will find a “customer support” that will be closed in gray and cap. Click it.

You will be taken to a page where you will select “Other” as your customer support question.

After that, a window will appear in the same page where you will have to fill in the subject of your email address, your question and your question: “I have sent an email with a signed letter that my wish to cancel my membership on your website But I still did not have any answer, how can you please help me in that case? Thank you in advance. “

In an hour or one hour you will receive an email with customer support confirming your cancellation on your website.

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