How to Call Emergency Services

If you dial 911, 999, or 112 from a mobile phone for many countries of the world, you will be connected to emergency services. If that fails, then this page lists mobile and landline emergency numbers for most countries on the planet. Use the table of content links to leave the continent and country directly, whose phone number you want.

Using a Mobile Phone (Cell Phone) in Any Nation

Try 911 or 112. These numbers work with many mobile service providers around the world due to the efforts of the European Union and the United States. Unless a local number works on a mobile phone, try it.

If that fails look up the emergency services number by continent and country below:


Asia and Oceania


Central and South America

Middle East

North America and Caribbean

African Emergency Numbers

Call in Northern Africa. These countries cover the Saharan desert and all African land north of it:


Ambulance: 021 – 23 63 81 or 021 – 71 14 14

Police: 17 (or 021 – 73 53 50 from a mobile)

Fire: 14 (or 021 – 71 14 14 from a mobile)

Canary Islands: 112


Ambulance: 123

Police: 122

Fire: 180

Libya: 193 (currently unreliable)


Ambulance or Fire: 15

Police: 19

Sudan: Only local numbers available


Ambulance: 190

Police: 197

Fire: 198

Call in Eastern Africa. Here are emergency numbers for the Horn of Africa, and countries along the eastern half of Africa, including Madagascar.

Burundi: Only local numbers available


Ambulance: 19

Police: 17

Fire: 18

Eritrea: Only local numbers available


Ambulance: 92

Police: 91

Fire: 93


All emergencies: 999


Ambulance: 124

Police: 117

Fire: 118

Traffic Accidents: 3600


Ambulance: 998

Police: 997 or 990

Fire: 999


Ambulance: 114

Police: 112 or 999

Fire: 115 or 995


Ambulance: 117

Police: 119

Fire: 198


Ambulance: 912

Police and Fire: 112

Somalia: (may be unreliable or absent in some regions)[1][2]

Ambulance: 999

Police: 888

Fire: 555

South Sudan:

Police: 777 (in Juba only)[3]

Ambulance and Fire: Unavailable

Tanzania: (may be unreliable; try local numbers)

Ambulance: 115

Police: 112

Fire: 114

Uganda: 999

Zambia: 999 or 991


Ambulance: 994

Police: 777-777 (leads to Harare Central Station)

Fire: 993 or 783-983

Medical Air Relief: 771-221

Call in Central Africa. Look here for information on countries in Central Africa, and on the central western coast. (See Western Africa below for countries along the northwest coast.)


Ambulance: 112

Police: 113

Fire: 115

If the numbers above don’t work: Try the numbers for other services, 110 or 118. The disagreement among sources may reflect recent changes or variation throughout the country.

Cameroon: (available in major cities only)[4]

Ambulance: 112 (try this first) or 119

Police: 117

Fire: 118

Central African Republic: 117

Chad: (may be unreliable or unavailable in most of country)

Ambulance: unavailable

Police: 17

Fire: 18

Congo, Democratic Republic of the: none available

Congo, Republic of the: (45 minute response times in Brazzaville, services almost nonexistent in rest of country)[5]

All emergencies: 112 or +242 06 665-4804


Ambulance: 1300

Police: 177 (some regions), 01-76-55-85 (in Libreville), 07-36-22-25 (in Port Gentil)

Fire: 01-76-15-20 (in Libreville), 07-63-93-63 (in Port Gentil)

Call in Western Africa. This includes all sub-Saharan countries in the Western region of Africa. For countries along the southwestern coast (south of the “bend”), see Central Africa above or Southern Africa below.


Ambulance: Only local numbers available.

Police: 117

Fire: 118

Burkina Faso: 10-10

Gambia: (emergency response teams often low on resources)

Ambulance: 116

Police: 117 or (220) 422-4914

Fire: 118

Ghana: (many regions may require local numbers)

Ambulance: 193 or 776111-5

Police: 191 or 999 or 171

Fire: 192

Guinea: Only local numbers available.

Guinea-Bisseau: (many regions may require local numbers)

Ambulance: 119

Police: 121

Fire: 180

Ivory Coast: 111

Liberia: 911 (very unreliable, and the country has no land-line telephones)

Mali: (many regions may require local numbers)

Ambulance: 15 or 112

Police: 17 or 18

Fire: 17 or 18 or 112


Ambulance: 118 (Expect long delays; find alternate transport if possible)

Police: 117

Gendarmerie: 116 (military law enforcement, for use outside cities)

Fire: 118

Traffic accidents: 117 or 119


Police: 17 or +227-20-72-25-53 (Unreliable, and only available during business hours)

Ambulance and Fire: Unavailable


Ambulance, Police and Fire (Outside Lagos): 199

Ambulance, Police and Fire (within Lagos): 112 or 767


Police: 33-821-2431 or 800-00-20-20 or 800-00-17-00

Tourist Police: (221) 33 860-3810

Ambulance and Fire: Unavailable

Sierra Leone: (many regions may require local numbers)

Ambulance and Police: 999

Fire: 019

Togo: 117

Call in Southern Africa. The following are emergency numbers for southern African countries:


Ambulance: 997

Police: 999

Fire: 998

Lesotho: (may be unreliable)

Police: (266) 2231 2934 or (266) 2232 2099

Other services: Only local numbers available

Namibia: 112

South Africa: 10111

Swaziland: 999

Asian and Oceania Emergency Numbers

Call in East Asia. This list includes China and surrounding countries in East Asia, including Japan.

China, mainland

Ambulance: 120

Police: 110

Fire: 119

Traffic accidents: 122

China, Republic of: See Taiwan

Hong Kong: 999

Macau: 999


Ambulance or Fire: 119

Police: 110

North Korea: May require local station number, but try 819, 112, or 119.[6][7]


Ambulance: 103

Police: 102

Fire: 101

South Korea:

Ambulance or Fire: 119

Police: 112


Ambulance or Fire: 119

Police: 110

Call in South Asia. The following numbers cover countries in the Indian subcontinent.


Ambulance: 112 for Kabul (020-112 on a mobile phone). Outside of Kabul, local numbers only.

Police: 119 routes to Kabul, Kandahar, and Lashkar Gah. For local services elsewhere, you’ll need a local number.

Bangladesh (may require local numbers outside of Dhaka and Chittagong)[8][9]

Ambulance: 199 or 9-555-555 or 9132023 or 8122041

Police: 999-2222 or 9551188 or 9514400 or 01713398311


Ambulance or Medical Advice: 112

Police: 113

Fire: 110

Traffic Accidents: 111

If none of the above work: Bhutan’s emergency numbers are not consistently reported, possibly reflecting recent changes or variation throughout the country. If you can’t get through, try the numbers listed for other services, or try 115.


Ambulance: 102

Police: 100

Fire: 101

Traffic Accidents: 103

All emergencies: 108 (only available in some regions)


Ambulance: 102

Police: 119

Fire: 118 or 108 or 999


Ambulance: 102 (run by a non-profit in greater Kathmandu and Patan), 4228094 (Red Cross in Kathmandu)[11]

Ambulance in other regions: Contact a local ambulance or taxi.

Police: 100 or a local station

Fire: 101


Ambulance: 115

Police: 15

Fire: 16

Sri Lanka:[13](some regions may require local numbers)

Ambulance or Fire: 110 (or 011-2422222 in Colombo)

Police: 118 or 119 (or 011-2433333 in Colombo)

Tourist Police: 011-2421052

Call in Southeast Asia. Refer to this list for all countries east of Bangladesh and South of China, as well as countries in the Malay peninsula.


Ambulance: 991 or 222366

Police: 993 or 423901

Fire: 995 or 222555

Burma: See Myanmar.


Ambulance: 119

Police: 117

Fire: 118


Ambulance: 118 or 119

Police: 110 or 112

Fire: 113


Ambulance: 195

Police: 191

Fire: 190


Police or Ambulance: 999

Fire: 999 or 994

Tourist police: 03 2149 6590


Ambulance: 192

Police: 199

Fire: 191

the Philippines: 911


Ambulance or Fire: 995

Police: 999


Ambulance or Police: 191

Fire: 199


Ambulance: 115

Police: 113

Fire: 114

Call in Central Asia. These countries are the landlocked countries in Central Asia. Note that Afghanistan is included in South Asia; Russia is included in Europe; and Mongolia is included in East Asia.

Kazakhstan: (may use 112, but will likely be directed to call one of the following)

Ambulance: 103

Police: 102

Fire: 101

Gas Leak: 104


Ambulance: 103

Police: 102

Fire: 101


Ambulance: 03

Police: 02

Fire: 01

Turkmenistan: 03

Uzbekistan: (Add an initial 1 while in Tashkent city)

Ambulance: 03

Police: 02

Fire: 01

Call in Oceania. This includes Australia and Pacific island nations. Note that Oceania nations with populations below 800,000 are not included.

Australia: 000


Ambulance and Fire: 911

Police: 917

New Zealand: 111[14]

Papua New Guinea: 111

European Emergency Numbers

Call 112 in most countries. Most European countries use 112 as the all-purpose emergency number, including every country in the European Union. Only countries that do not have the 112 number are listed below.

Many countries have additional, country-specific emergency numbers, but 112 will direct you to the same services.

Call in Southeastern Europe. Most countries here use 112, or are too small for inclusion on this list (less than one million people). Here are the larger exceptions:

Albania: 129 (emergency services are unreliable)

Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Ambulance: 124

Police: 122

Fire: 123


Ambulance: 194

Police: 192

Serbia: (include the local area code if dialing from a mobile phone)

Ambulance: 194

Police: 192

Fire: 193

Roadside assistance: 1987


All emergencies (including ambulance): 155

Ambulance only: 112

Call in Eastern Europe. This includes former members of the Soviet Union and surrounding Slavic states. All states not listed below either use the number 112 or contain fewer than one million people.


Ambulance: 103

Police: 102

Fire: 101


Ambulance: 903

Police: 902

Fire: 901


Fire: 01 or 101

Police: 02 or 102

Ambulance: 03 or 103

Ukraine: (expect long delays and poor service)

Ambulance: 103

Police: 102

Fire: 101

Call in Northern, Central, or Western Europe. Almost all states in this region use the number 112 for all emergency services, although they may have alternate numbers that lead to the same result. Here are the only exceptions that affect more than one million people:


Ambulance: 113

Police: 112

Fire: 110


General: 112

Ambulance: 144

Police: 117

Fire: 118

Toxic: 145 (You may want to call Ambulance first)

Air Ambulance (REGA): 1414


Central and South American Emergency Numbers

Call in Central America. The following list includes all countries in the mainland of North America and south of Mexico, with a population greater than one million people.

Costa Rica: 911

El Salvador: 911


Ambulance or Fire: 123 or 122

Police: 110 or 120

Honduras: (telephone service may be unreliable)

Ambulance: 195 (Red Cross)

Police: 911 or 112

Fire: 198


Ambulance: 128

Police: 118 (Spanish) or 101 (English tourism services)

Fire: 115 or 911


All emergencies: 911

Direct to police: 104

Call in South America. Here are emergency services for all countries with more than one million people on the South American continent.


Cordoba, Mendoza, Iguazu, Tucuman, and Tierra del Fuego provinces: 101

All other provinces: 911

Bolivia: 110


Ambulance: 192

Police: 190

Fire: 193


Ambulance: 131

Police: 133

Fire: 132

Colombia: 123


Quito and Ibarra: 911

Guayaquil, Cuenca and Loja,: 112

Elsewhere, Ambulance: 102 (or 131 for Red Cross)

Elsewhere, Police: 101

Elsewhere, Fire: 102


All emergencies: 911

Direct to Fire or Rescue: 131 or 132


Police: 105[15]

Fire: 116[16]

Alternatives: Try 011 or 5114[17]

Tourist Protection: [18] 424 2053 (add initial area code 01 if outside of Lima)

Uruguay: 911

Venezuela: 171

Middle Eastern Emergency Numbers

Call in the Middle East. This includes all countries in the Arabian peninsula and some surrounding countries. For Egypt, see Northern Africa. For Turkey, see Southeastern Europe.

Bahrain: 999


Ambulance: 115

Police: 110

Fire: 125

Iraq: 130 (including mobile telephones)


Ambulance: 101

Police: 100

Fire: 102

(The West Bank and Gaza use the same numbers)


All emergencies: 191

Alternate number, some parts of Amman: 911

Kuwait: 112

Lebanon: 112

Oman: 9999


Ambulance: 101

Police: 100

Fire: 102

Qatar: 999

Saudi Arabia: 999


Ambulance: 110

Police: 112

Fire: 113

United Arab Emirates: 999

Yemen: 199

North American and Caribbean Emergency Numbers

Call 911 in most of North America. 911 is used by any country part of the North America Numbering Plan (NANP), including the United States, Canada, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Northern Marianas, Guam, American Samoa, and Sint Maarten.

Call in North America. Note that mainland countries south of Mexico are listed under Central America.

Canada: 911

Mexico: 066

United States: 911

Call in the Caribbean. All Caribbean nations with more than 350,000 people are listed here. Note that Martinique, Guadalupe, and several other islands are part of the French West Indies.


Ambulance: 114 or 118[20](Expect long delays and poor service.[21] Most high-quality services use local numbers, may treat foreigners only, and may require payment in advance)

Police: 106

Fire: 105

Dominican Republic: 911

French West Indies:

Ambulance: 15

Police: 18

Fire: 17

Haiti: 114

Jamaica: 119

Puerto Rico: 911

Trinidad and Tobago:

Ambulance: 990 or 811 (or 694-2404 for private ambulance service)

Police: 999

Fire: 990


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