How to Become a Toastmasters Club Officer

How to Become a Toastmasters Club Officer

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit organization that helps people develop public speaking and leadership skills. Local club participants of the organization provide opportunities to practice these skills and to get feedback from other club members. There are several official posts in each local club which are filled by its members, who receive training and guidance for being a successful club officer. To become an officer, you must join a club and become an active member, then be elected to the office of a volunteer or an officer.

Positioning Yourself to Become an Officer

Find a Toastmasters club to join that aligns with your interests.

Each club has its own culture, so go to many places to find a club, in which you want to become an officer. The clubs usually participate in many meetings before joining to see if this is a good fit.

Ask whether your employer sponsors a toastemasters club for their employees. Keep in mind that company clubs are generally open to employees only and meet on the company’s property, but membership fees and other club expenses are paid by the company. Joining a company club can help you pursue your career!

If your employer does not offer the company club, then join a community club, if location and meeting are more convenient, or if you want to network with people outside your company.

Consider a special interest club. There are clubs that work with inmates or teenagers, clubs which connect their meetings with food at the Area Restaurant, and such clubs who work in the community besides their regular meetings.

Suggestion: Toastmasters International has more than 12,000 clubs in more than 100 countries, and there are many clubs to choose from most of America’s cities.

Fill out the club’s membership form and pay the club dues to join.

Club fees vary from club and location, but usually includes membership fee as well as annual payable amount. Fill out the membership form of your chosen club and pay all the fees so that you are officially registered as a club member with the clubmaster at Toastmasters International.

To become a club officer you must be an officially registered member of the club. All executives will also be registered with Toastmasters International.

If you join a club in the middle of the club’s financial year, then your annual outstanding payment will be made.

The club you want to join will tell you the exact process of joining the club, in which to distribute the membership form and what types of payments they accept for the club’s arrears.

Attend and participate in the meetings regularly to become a leading member.

Clubs meet at regular intervals, usually every week or biennial Be sure to take part in all the meetings and become an active participant to fill the various meeting roles such as giving speech and time evaluator.

Some clubs will allow you to choose or hire an experienced member as a mentor. The mentor will explain to you how the club works, answers your questions, and helps you prepare for your first speech.

Even if you do not fill out a role during every meeting or do not give a speech, you will be asked to participate and give your thoughts and impressions at the end of each meeting. Be sure to do this every time to be an active participant and give yourself position for leadership role!

Let the club president know that you are interested in becoming a club officer.

If you have a record of experience and presence and after speaking well, do so. Ask if there is something that you can improve as a member of the club and make yourself a strong candidate for the role of an officer.

The posts of toastemasters club officer are as follows: Chairman, Vice President Education, Vice President Membership, Vice President Public Relations, Sergeant at Arms, Secretary, and Treasurer.

After a regular meeting you can ask one with one of the president of the club and say something like, “I know that some officer posts will open soon, and I wanted to tell you that I am really interested I’ll fill one of them in filling Can I do anything to make myself a better candidate? “

Volunteering or Running for Office

Choose an officer role you want to fill based on the responsibilities.

Each officer has specific responsibilities to complete the club and its members to support. Think about what skill and experience you have, or what skills and experience you want to achieve, to decide which officer’s role you like most.

For example, if you have experience in public relations (or want to gain experience), then you may choose to go for the post of Vice President Public Relation Officer.

Officer Responsibilities

Chairman: participates in meetings and oversees club operations.

Vice President Education: To meet the educational needs of the members, program and directing, publishes regular program of meeting tasks, and keeps track of the progress of the members.

Vice President’s Membership: Programs and Instructions for Membership to Increase and Maintain

Vice President Public Relations: develops and maintains programs for informing members and general public about club activities and toastemasters international.

Sergeant in Arms: prepares meeting rooms for meeting, club assets, people in the streets and presiding over social and welcome committees.

Secretary: Club responsible for the record and correspondence.

Treasurer: Club responsible for financial policies and procedures.

Volunteer to fill the open officer role if nobody else wants it.

When the current officer expires, you wait for the situation you want to open. If your club is so small that you only have one interest, then present yourself to fill the situation.

The terms of the officer expire in every 6-12 months. They end on December 31 or 30th June, depending on whether the conditions are annual or half yearly.

A small club will be forced to rely on volunteers, or even require members to fill certain positions in rotation.

Campaign to get elected to the position if multiple people want it.

Keep yourself ahead as a candidate for the situation and develop a campaign message that explains why you are the best candidate. If you are elected, be clear about what you will do to help the club.

For example, if you want to run for Vice Presidential membership, explain your plan to increase club membership. You can say something like, “If selected, my goal is to increase the membership of the club by 15% by the end of my tenure.”

If you want to run for Vice Presidential Public Relations, you can develop a communication plan framework to create more awareness about your club and toastemasters international in the community. Present this plan to show the club how will you be committed to helping the club when elected.

Since toastemasters is about public speaking, you definitely want to write a speech to give your message that why you want to be chosen as a club officer.

The clubs elect officers in every 6 or 12 months. It depends on whether the club meets weekly or biennial form or not. The clubs that meet every week usually choose officers in every 6 months. To be elected, you must be voted by most members of the active club.

Read the leadership manual to become familiar with all of your responsibilities.

Each officer is given a manual that outlines his responsibilities. Read it and make sure you understand it well to make sure that you know all your duties as behind your hand.

The Club Leadership Handbook is also available in many different languages:

Remember that the success of your club depends on how you and other officials play your responsibilities.

Keep in mind that the responsibilities of the role of the officer will not be required to be fully completed on their own. As an officer, it will be your duty to ensure that the work is completed, but you will be allowed (and will be encouraged) to help other members to help fulfill their duties of their role.

Attend a club officer training session for your district.

Each toastemasters district sponsors seminal training. These training sessions will provide you with suggestions of experienced officers so that you can better serve your club.

Find out the training sessions by watching your toastmaster district’s calendar online.

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