How to Be Popular on Tagged.Com

Do you have an account on a previously tagged social network, but are your profile views really low? Do you want to increase them? Follow these steps and you’ll be more popular!

Upload a good profile picture! Use your own, do not put cartoon characters as a default, film stars. People will think that you are hiding behind someone else because you are ugly.

Customize your layout! It looks great! You can choose premier layout or make your own. Just be different from the original and other members. Stand out!

Create an eye catch or create a cool screen name. For example “Run! It’s Sally!” Do not use “X” or “rawr”. XxIxXAMXxSALLYxX is not cute.

Keep the text clean. DoN’t TyPe lIkE tHIs. It gets annoying to read.

Upload music players, videos, pictures and write in your journal. Keep people updated about your life.

Accept all the friend requests you have received! The more friends you have, the more popular you are. Write something on their profile, introduce yourself. Just chat with them so they keep coming back to you.

Be the top 8 members! You can sometimes earn “tagged money”, and you can spend it for the top 8 users for a limited time. It’s really useful, because many people will not notice you. The top members can be seen on the home page, and its cost is 1000 tagged cash.

Go to some chatrooms. Do not share any personal stuff with just your real name, telephone, address or other members! It’s really dangerous.

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