How to Be Legally Covered When Operating a Carpool Service

How to Be Legally Covered When Operating a Carpool Service

If you operate a carpooling service, there are some precautions that you should take to protect your business from potential legal problems.

Create a client file for each customer. Get original contact information such as address, phone number (s), employer name and address, and emergency contact.

Collect a photocopy of the customer’s ID.

Verify the customer ID (such as passport, citizenship card, motor vehicle driving license) at check-in. If you are not sure about what you see, then ask for an additional ID.

Ensure that all documents are current and valid, and in the name of the carrier.

Payment is required before each travel, either by making an advance payment on an account, or by depositing cash at the time of the trip. Always release a receipt and keep a copy for your records.

Provide an information sheet or brochure to your customers about your company and its policies.

Customers sign a copy of their company’s policies and any legal disclaimers. There are many free services available online that can help with wording if there is no lawyer.

Work in accordance with all local and federal laws regarding vehicle inspection, ownership, insurance, maintenance, documentation and driver certification.

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