How to Ask Any Service Provider for One Month of Free Service

How to Ask Any Service Provider for One Month of Free Service

As is often said, “screaming wheel receives oil.” A famous book says, “Ask and you will get it.” Phone companies, internet providers, cable companies and other service providers usually have customer service departments who will listen to your complaint. Ask them for free

Determine the nature of a valid complaint about your service provider. This can be helpful in researching your complaint on corporate websites, so you will be knowledgeable about your problem.

Find and call the customer service number. Be prepared for many transfers and holds. Do not give up or disappoint.

When a customer service agent answers, tell him that you are not satisfied with the service and tell your reasons. Then suggest a solution, “Is there any incentive program that can help me feel better about staying with your service, like the month of free service?”

The customer service agent can not offer free service at the moment, or he may not have the right to make a proposal, or you may be sent to the supervisor. just do not give up.
It may be necessary to repeat your request. Repeat your reason for calm and respectful dissatisfaction and add something to this effect, “I told you that I am not satisfied with your service. You have told me that you have given me free month as an encouragement to stay with you Can not provide service. ” company. Are you sure this is correct? Does this mean that I should look for a new service provider for satisfaction, or can you offer me a free month and keep me as a loyal customer? ”

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