How to Answer Customer Service Questions

How to Answer Customer Service Questions

The primary responsibility of Customer Service Representative is to answer customer’s questions and solve problems. It is important to be informed about your company’s policy regarding solving problems of your products, customers, and answering questions quickly and efficiently. Here are some tips on how to answer customer service questions.

Know your products.

Having a full knowledge of the products or services you offer will help you to answer the questions of the customers rightly. Educate yourself about new product details and tasks continuously.

Use the products and services you submit. This will help you to use personal experience for customer related questions and troubleshooting.

When you answer customer service calls, keep a catalog or imagery about products, warranties and contracts. This will give you a quick reference to answer questions.

Allow the customer to explain the question or problem.

There will be a possibility of a customer’s position with the questions, the question arises. Let the client explain the problem without interruption completely so that you can understand what the customer is asking.

Take Notes.

Keep asking key words or notes below when asking a customer question. Include important details that are being questioned and any relevant information provided by the customer who is relevant in answering the customer’s question. This allows you to maintain information without any interruption.

Repeat the question from the customer.

Summarize customer’s questions about it and make sure that you understand what is being asked or what needs to be resolved. This technique is telling the client that you are listening and helps to verify the information.

Keep the language positive.

Avoid telling the customer with this question that nothing can be done or will never happen. This negative language is dismissal and can make the customer feel that you do not mind answering the question and helping him.

Verify your answers.

If there is any doubt about answering a customer’s question, ask a coworker or supervisor for help. Customers will appreciate getting a right answer, even if it takes a while.

Only promise what you can give.

If you can guarantee it, give only the right price or delivery date to the customer. Delivering a false statement about the length of a warranty or when something will be given, will be a dissatisfied customer.

Stay neutral

If the customer is questioning a product or service then avoid defensive or confrontational. He can question the customer service process or policy because the customer feels that it was unfair or processed incorrectly. Do your best to efficiently answer the customer’s question without affecting any negative comments affecting the customer service you have provided.

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