How to Add Massage Services to a Beauty Salon

How to Add Massage Services to a Beauty Salon

Massage therapy provides health benefits by relieving people of stress and removing muscle tension. If you want to expand the offerings of your beauty salon, then by adding massage therapy treatments you can help attract more customers and give your salon a competitive edge. Finding a massage therapist can be difficult to find that fits with your client but adding a doctor to the team will prove beneficial for your salon.

Setting a Workspace

Make a personal place for masseur customers. Setting up a separate room for your massage therapist and his clients provides maximum comfort and privacy. Ensure that there is enough room to keep the required products in the room, lay a massage table, and allow your doctor to work comfortably. The minimum size of the room should be 9 feet (2.7 meters) to 12 feet (3.7 meters).

Occasionally, a massage therapist will provide his own lotion and massage oil, so talk to a potential doctor to determine if you need to buy supplies or not.

Buy a massage table. Massage tables can run anywhere from $ 300 in high end $ 2000 models. Many tables are offered through various professional websites. Find a massage table that provides comfort and relaxation for your customers.

To keep clean, clean the tables using the disinfectant spray or wipe between the customers.

Provide roubees and towels. Let your customers stay in robbers and soft towels because they get ready for their massage. Adding these personal touches will show that you care about the level of comfort of your customers. Civil robbers move around $ 17 each, but huge discounts are offered through special sites.

To cover one day of business, keep enough rob and towels in stock so that every customer has a fresh garden. Wash all the robes and towels used at the end of the day so that they stay clean for the next day.

Add cool music surroundings. Apart from helping to prevent noise from the rest of the salon, providing surroundings music during a massage will help the client relax and actually reduce the pain. Keep the music in a small amount for maximum relaxation.

There is always a backup method to provide music. If the internet goes out, there is a CD and a stereo to quickly convert the music.

Light candles for a comfortable atmosphere Candlelight has a great effect on many people. Keep something around the room, with flammable materials and at least 12 inches (30 cm) on strong surfaces. Some customers may have sensitivity to fragrant candles, so using unsatisfied candles can be in your best interest.

For safe alternatives, use flammable electric candles instead of standard candles.

Use essential oils to eliminate odor. Essential oils come in various types of scents and provide customers aromatherapy. Use of essential oils will help to mask any body odor present in the room.

Provide a variety of aroma, including limited to eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree.

Finding a Massage Therapist

Find a versatile massage therapist. Your customers will be different in the style of the massage they are receiving. Many doctors will train different types of massage techniques. Find a doctor who can meet your customers’ various needs.

You can use the American Massage Therapy Association’s search engine to find reliable and professional doctors.

Offer Swedish massage to reduce stress. When you think of massage, it is probably what you are portraying. Swedish massage is one of the most common and it is used to help the body relax and relieve stress. Using the speed of circular hand, a physician will also apply pressure on the body.

Provide deep tissue massage to relieve muscle tension. Apply this style as a Swedish massage, apply it with more pressure. The deep tissue massage will help the body to get out of trouble and stressed areas.

Choose between a contractor or full-time staff. As of 2014 the average salary for a massage therapist is approximately $ 35,000. Many massage therapists are already independent contractors and will bring them to an additional customer base. Having a contractor does not help you to worry about getting benefits or cuts in taxes, and you will be able to take some of the fees that you charge for the massage and benefits it in the salon.

Unless a non-competition agreement is signed, the contractor will be able to work anywhere.

Make sure the doctor has the proper license for your location. Many states will require a massage therapist to complete the proper rules and licensing. This usually requires about 500 school education or courses. This ensures the safety and well-being of your customers. Check your local rules to determine what is needed by your massage therapist.

Liability and commercial property insurance. Accidents happen. Make sure that your salon has liability insurance to cover injuries that any of your customers can have.

Commercial property insurance will help cover any damage done to the property and the necessary materials used by your massage therapist.

Marketing Your New Services

Create handouts and takeaways for customers. The flyer and business card will help you connect your new service. To reach customers easily and way out of the salon, keep them on the front counter.

Find local businesses with public bulletin boards to hang announcements at your place.

Talk to new services for current customers. Even mention your new offer even when your customers are taking advantage of your other services. Planting seeds in their mind can help in buying a massage service in the future.

Listen to your customers because they interact with stylists. If they refer to stress, then say, “You know, we’ve just added a massage service that can help you.”

Set a price for your massage services. A good baseline price has been set at $ 1 / min, but to make more profit, it is ok to raise it. Many 60-minute massages start around $ 80, while 90-minute services are around $ 100.

Combine services to deal with the package. Selling massages for full value and combining with cheap hair or nail service is a great way for your customers to make shopping easier. Include these deals on your takeaways so that customers can also show to potential customers.
Place a survey or questionnaire for customers to fill after massage. Have you enjoyed your massage? ‘Or do you recommend our massage service to others?’ This will help you find out how your customers enjoy the new service you provide.

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