In today’s changing business world, accurate and reliable data entry has a major role in generating meaningful information to build intelligent business decisions. Therefore, every business trying to take advantage of the power of data will have to engage themselves in the top-quality and accurate data entry. In eMinds CA, we have helped many businesses around the world for more than 6 years, focusing on data entry, data conversion, and other related services with the basis of expertise in the data entry industry, when nowadays other companies in the market in comparison. As a specialized data entry service provider, we offer accurate and reliable data entry services to all industries. We use sophisticated technology, advanced skills as well as sophisticated processes to present the most targeted, accurate solutions.

Our team can easily handle a large number of data entry jobs, which you outsource to us and can help you reduce your administrative burden and overhead cost by 60%. Our team has been systematically trained to ensure that the accuracy rate of 99% is maintained. By outsourcing the data entry in eMinds CA, you can save money and time to ensure it and free the employees that your main business functions get their due attention. We carefully evaluate the data based on your needs and then provide the final output within the specified time. All the work done by us passes through a comprehensive quality control check before being sent to you.



$10 per hour

$900 per month
  • Under this engagement model, we charge on the basis of the hours spent on the project.
  • We charge 40-50 percent per transaction for a payment of USD 250 per month.

$12 per hour

$1400 per month
  • Under this engagement model, we charge on the basis of the hours spent on the project.
  • We charge 40-50 percent per transaction for a payment of USD 250 per month.

$15 per hour

$1800 per month
  • Under this engagement model, we charge on the basis of the hours spent on the project.
  • We charge 40-50 percent per transaction for a payment of USD 250 per month.


This is a pricing model under which we deploy a number of dedicated full -time human power because the customer will be in their home country according to the needs of their project. In fact, the engine offers the opportunity to be a “virtual employee” on the offshore location of low cost without any employee liability. Dedicated Full Time Employee with Dynamic infrastructure is dedicated to the client model, which not only helps in reducing cost but ensures high project monitoring so that time and quality delivery can be ensured. Under the CCD model, a fixed price is charged per customer per employee per month, depending on the number of people posted on it. Depending on the skill, experience and expertise set out in the fee, the difference is 1000 USD per month to 3000 USD per month.

Ready Reckoner App

In this complex world of financial accounting, you need a simple APP to calculate the future value of money.

Tax Advisory Service

Our expertise in this area is legendary as we have established our presence in this segment as a reliable firm.

Business & Financial Services

We have dedicated professionals in our pay roles who offer financial, advisory as well as consulting advice.


Accounting Data Entry
eCommerce Product Data Entry
Image Data Entry
Data Capturing and Catalog Data Entry
Legal Data Entry
Logistics Data Entry (BOL Data Entry)
Insurance Claims Data Entry
Billing and Invoice Data Entry
Website Compilation and Data Entry
eBook Transcription and Data Entry
YellowPages and WhitePages Data Entry
Sales Contacts and Prospects Data Entry
Transcription Outsourcing Services
Mailing List and Mailing Label Data Entry
QuickBooks Data Entry
Real Estate Data Entry
Business Transaction Data Entry for Purchase, Sales, Payroll and Additional Business Needs
Microsoft Office Data and Content Entry (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Visio & Pdf Data Entry)
Software and Application Data and Content Data Entry
Online and Offline Data Entry


Understanding Client’s Data/Entry/Conversion Needs

Verification & Validation of Data

Perform Data Entry/Conversion Work on Specific Data

Processed Data in the Designed Output Formats

Perform Validations and Quality Checks

Transfer Results to Client


Team of Professionals

Our data entry service provider team is experienced and skilled. We train regularly to ensure that their skills and knowledge are updated all the time.

Global Reach

With over 6 years of experience in providing data entry solutions to businesses globally, we have excellent process knowledge and expertise related to all aspects of our data entry projects.

Mindful Execution & Optimal Results
It needs every customer! We compile all of your requirements and requirements and then mix them with skilled labor.

Data Security
We respect the data protection and privacy of our customers’ data. When you outsource to us, you do not have to worry about this aspect.

Up-to-date Technology
With the aim of maintaining our process efficiency, we ensure that the latest technology is used. Technical upgrades are made when required.

Data Entry Costs
You will find the most competitive in our data entry pricing industry. We offer flexible payment programs to our customers.

99% Accuracy
We have strict quality control procedures to ensure top-quality and minimal errors.

Round-the-Clock Operations
We work in a 24×7 environment. When you collaborate with us, we will deliver the desired output in real time & by due date.

    Creative Financial Management

    Cash Flow
    Assets Under Management

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    Financial Reporting

    Combining transparency with accurate reporting, your numbers are compiled for final reporting.

    Cost Accounting

    We help our clients to improve their overall profitability in a way that can be termed as advisory.

    Investment Strategy

    We believe our expertise is for sharing and we go about doing it in right earnest!

    Tax Planning

    The future value of money is taken into account and planning is done accordingly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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