Bank Loan Syndication
In one of the fundamental requirements to start, manage and develop a business, capital as a loan or equity. In India, for most businesses, it is easy to syndicate capital to banks as a loan because banks have a strong mechanism for valuation and disbursement of funds. Apart from this, banks contribute more capital to businesses in India than private equity funds or Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists, so it is important for all entrepreneurs to know about the available banking facilities and their benefits properly. has a strong track record of bank credit syndication in India and it helps in obtaining bank loans from many industries ranging from apparel manufacturing to power generation. We can help your business to get term loan, working capital facility, corporate debt, loan letter, bank guarantee, loan against property, loans against shares etc. Our financial professionals will start by understanding your business, providing advice related to capital syndication. Prepare detailed Detailed Project Report, submit a loan request to financial institutions, answer questions, and work till approvals and disbursements approved credit facilities. Our financial professionals can help Syndicate Bank Loan for your business, call us today.

Due to Bank Credit Syndication

Bank Credit Syndication

Bank loan syndication is the process of preparing a credit request, preparing a detailed project report with necessary documents, submitting requests to banks or financial institutions, and obtaining approval and disbursement of credit facilities.

Financial Professional

A detailed draft report will ensure easy acceptance of requested loan facilities. Therefore, with a good writing, presentation and financial analysis skills, an experienced financial professional should prepare a detailed project report.

Bank Loan Types

Different types of bank loans are available depending on the requirements. Some bank loan types are term loan, cash credit facility, letter of credit facility, corporate debt, loan against property, loans against shares, bank guarantee, etc.

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We have dedicated professionals in our pay roles who offer financial, advisory as well as consulting advice. Can Help has experience of financial professionals who syndicate bank loans for hundreds of businesses. Our financial professionals will provide end-to-end support on the syndication process.

Loan without Collateral
The Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE) scheme is available to entrepreneurs without any collateral security. A bank of up to 1 crore provides a way to get the loan.

How do we help with Bank Credit Syndication can help syndicate bank loans for your business. Bank loan for your business can be syndicated for your business based on credit eligibility and other factors in 1 – 3 months.

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Before preparing a detailed project report, our financial experts will work with you to understand your business, the proposed plans and the need for capital.

Project Preparation
Based on our understanding of your business and the information gathered, our financial experts will give you a detailed project report for your business.

Final form of Project
Once the detailed project report is ready, we will help the banks to present it and will help you in the process until the capital is syndicated.

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