Appointment of Director

The directors of a company are the person selected by the shareholders for the management of affairs of the company, according to the company’s affairs and articles of association. Since a company is an artificial judicial person created by law, it can only work through the agencies of natural persons. Thus, only the living person can be the director of a company and the company is handed over to the board of directors. The appointment of directors may be required for a company from time to time depending on the needs of the shareholders of the business.

In order to appoint a director, the person who proposes to become a director must obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN). DIN can be obtained for any person over 18 years of age. The nationality or residence status of the DIN applicant does not matter. Therefore, Indian citizens, NRIs and foreign citizens can get DIN and can be appointed as a company director in India. is a leading professional service platform in India, offering various services like company registration, trademark filing, GST registration, income tax filing and more. can help you appoint a director in your company. The average time to file for the appointment of the director is subject to submission of approximately 10-15 working days, government processing time and customer documents. Get free consultation on appointment of director by scheduling appointment schedule with Advisor.

Types of Directors in a Company

Managing Director

The Managing Director is a Director who is assigned a company’s association of articles or company with an agreement or a proposal passed in its general meeting, or by its board of directors, adequate powers of the company’s managed affairs.

Executive Director

Executive director is a director, who is in full-time employment of the company. Therefore, the executive directors are deeply involved with the management of the company and management matters of the company.

Simple Director

Ordinance Director means an ordinary director who participates in a company’s board meeting and participates in the matters held in front of the board of directors. These directors are neither full time directors or managing directors.

Additional Director

Additional Director is appointed by the Board of Directors under the provisions of the Articles of any Company between the two Annual General Meeting. Additional directors can hold the post till the date of the company’s next annual general meeting.

Alternative Director

The alternative director is appointed by the board of directors who is appointed for a period less than three months in a general meeting to work for the director of the original director during his absence. Typically, the alternative director is appointed for a person who is a non-resident Indian or foreign associate of a company.


Inclusive all fees

  • Add a Director having DSC and DIN to the Board of Directors.

all inclusive fees

  • Add a Director having DSC to the Board of Directors. Fee inclusive of one DIN application.

all inclusive fees

  • Add a Director to the Board of Directors. Fee inclusive of one DSC and one DIN.

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