Being a doctor, dentist or any other medical professional, patient care is your top priority; However, the management of a successful healthcare business also demands proper maintenance of financial records and proper compliance with taxes. Is your medical business facing hard times in maintaining accounting and bookkeeping? Are you looking for guidance regarding the accounting part of your business ownership? We provide specialist accounting services for doctors and dentists in many countries in eMinds CA. In order to successfully fulfill the requirements of our Medical Accounting Client, our team of professionals has established customized accounting services for dentists, doctors as well as other practitioners.

The objective of our solution is to strengthen the business aspect of your medical practice by offering comprehensive accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation services. Our specialist dental accountants are experts in helping healthcare practitioners reduce their taxes, improve cash flow and manage financial data. We are aware of your challenges and use many techniques so that the business tax burden will also be reduced along with the individual. With over 6 years of experience in the medical field, our in-house team of doctors and dental accountants can provide better financial services integrated with advanced reporting solutions.



$10 per hour

$900 per month
  • Under this engagement model, we charge on the basis of the hours spent on the project.
  • We charge 40-50 percent per transaction for a payment of USD 250 per month.

$12 per hour

$1400 per month
  • Under this engagement model, we charge on the basis of the hours spent on the project.
  • We charge 40-50 percent per transaction for a payment of USD 250 per month.

$15 per hour

$1800 per month
  • Under this engagement model, we charge on the basis of the hours spent on the project.
  • We charge 40-50 percent per transaction for a payment of USD 250 per month.


This is a pricing model under which we deploy a number of dedicated full -time human power because the customer will be in their home country according to the needs of their project. In fact, the engine offers the opportunity to be a “virtual employee” on the offshore location of low cost without any employee liability. Dedicated Full Time Employee with Dynamic infrastructure is dedicated to the client model, which not only helps in reducing cost but ensures high project monitoring so that time and quality delivery can be ensured. Under the CCD model, a fixed price is charged per customer per employee per month, depending on the number of people posted on it. Depending on the skill, experience and expertise set out in the fee, the difference is 1000 USD per month to 3000 USD per month.

Ready Reckoner App

In this complex world of financial accounting, you need a simple APP to calculate the future value of money.

Tax Advisory Service

Our expertise in this area is legendary as we have established our presence in this segment as a reliable firm.

Business & Financial Services

We have dedicated professionals in our pay roles who offer financial, advisory as well as consulting advice.


Accounting software set-up
Setting up Chart of Accounts
Accounts Payable
Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation
Accounts Receivable
Payroll processing
Cash flow monitoring
Budgets and financial projections
Compilations and reviews
Financial statement preparation
Tax preparation services
Personal financial statements


Domain Expertise

We have a qualified team of graduates of leading institutions who are most trained for industry-specific software in many countries.
Experience & Credibility

We want to provide value to the outsourced which is being done by strengthening the process. Our expertise has given us understanding and experience to increase the value chain.

Manage Core Functions

When you do an account of a doctor or dental practice with us, you can pay attention to your main abilities, that is, for your patients.

Data Security

The security and confidentiality of your medical records/data is a very important priority for our team. We have strict internal security procedures to ensure data security.

Operational Efficiency

Doctors and dentists who outsource us, take advantage of our domain expertise. In our area, know how to lead to more operational efficiency.

Staffing Flexibility

Outsourcing accounting services enable your financial business to maintain financial flexibility while in doubt in demand. You can easily scale up or down.

Compliance to Accounting Laws

We know that accounting compliance is a necessary and every transaction has to be done within the legal guidelines of a particular area.
Reduce Costs

All the listed above come with the benefits of low cost and heavy savings! When you outsource, you get top-notch services at a lower cost.


Proven processes in eMinds CA ensure that we continually meet the requirements of our customers. Below is a quick summary of the process followed in eMinds CA while performing accounting and bookkeeping for doctors and dentists.

Receiving source files from clients as scanned files or downloadable statements from the Internet and making an initial review. In any case, inform the customer on the insufficient source.
Like the bank, check and credit card entries, perform the necessary actions for the client, to reconcile bank accounts with statements and credit cards, cloning client checkbooks for software program balance, payroll processing for quality detection, Financial review (technical and conceptual).
Distribute all the necessary financials with the necessary feedback and comments within the required time period using safe medium.
Follow the standards of customers to respond to any comments.
Our team can easily cooperate with your current accounting team in areas that require them or even manage the entire process if necessary.

    Creative Financial Management

    Cash Flow
    Assets Under Management

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    Financial Reporting

    Combining transparency with accurate reporting, your numbers are compiled for final reporting.

    Cost Accounting

    We help our clients to improve their overall profitability in a way that can be termed as advisory.

    Investment Strategy

    We believe our expertise is for sharing and we go about doing it in right earnest!

    Tax Planning

    The future value of money is taken into account and planning is done accordingly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Using this section, get all the clarifications for your questions and doubts about outsourcing, finance, and investments. We love to clarify your doubts and get you back to your business real quick with more confidence.

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    Tax Planning


    Manage your taxes wisely!