How to Save a Recording to Your Computer from Voice Recorder Pro for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone can be difficult to use, but if you know what you’re doing, there are plenty of ways to complete your important tasks. This article explains how to save a recording from the Voice Recorder Pro application to your computer.

Part 1 Making a Recording

1. Open the Voice Recorder Pro app on your phone.

2. Begin recording. When you’re finished, press the Stop button. (If you want to transfer an already saved recording, skip to the next section.)

3. Save the recording.

4. Give your recording a name. Don’t make it too difficult to remember.

5. Tap OK when you are done. The recording will now be in the Archive section.

Part 2 Saving the Recording to Your Computer

1. Tap Archive.

2. Tap the NAME of the recording. Be sure not to tap the play button.

3. Make a copy of the recording and save it to OneDrive.

You should see a button with a picture of two clouds at the bottom of your screen. This button saves the recording to OneDrive, which allows you to sync files and access them later from a web browser or a mobile device.

4. Tap Yes when prompted to let this app access your info.

5. Register or Sign In to OneDrive.

6. Assign a name to your recording. It is preferable to use the same name as when you first saved the recording.

Your recording has been successfully saved to OneDrive.

7. Go to the OneDrive website on your PC.

8. Select the File tab, and select the file titled “Recorder Pro+”.

9. Select your recording.

10. Click on the Download button at the top of the screen.

Your recording has now been saved to your computer.

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