How to Attach Artwork to MP3 Music Tracks

MP3 players are widely available. Nowadays, it’s common for people to have them on their smartphones, and many people are confused about how to control the artwork on their music. It appears and disappears at random. This article will show you how to easily manage your music artwork using the iTunes software to ensure that every song has a picture attached to it.


1. Identify all of the music tracks on your MP3 player or cell phone that do not have artwork. You’ll notice that sometimes a song has the artwork already attached, and sometimes it doesn’t, and this is mostly due to the song’s original source or format.

2. Make a new folder on your desktop.

3. Connect your cell phone or MP3 player to the computer and locate the songs to which you want to add album artwork. When you plug your MP3 player into your computer, a window will usually appear asking you what you want to do. If this occurs, select “open folder to view files.” If this does not happen, open “my computer” and search for your device under “devices with removable storage.”

4. Highlight each song that does not have artwork and drag it to the new desktop folder you’ve created. (This saves a copy of the music file to your computer.)

5. After you’ve copied all of your desired songs to the new folder on your computer, launch iTunes and create a “new playlist.” (To make a new playlist, go to “File” and then “New Playlist.”)

6. Now select all of the songs in your new folder and drag them to this new playlist on iTunes.

7. Begin attaching artwork. You can now attach your album artwork to the iTunes playlist with this list of music. This must be accomplished one song or album at a time.

Right-click on the song you want to work with and select Properties.

Select “Get info,” then click the “Artwork” tab. If the song already has artwork, you’ll see it there. If not, press “Add,” and you can then browse your entire computer for any image you want to attach.

Remember that if you don’t have the album artwork on your computer (which is almost always the case), you’ll need to go find it first, and the best way to do this is via the internet.

8. Before you begin, navigate to “my computer,” then to “my pictures,” then right click and select “new folder.” “My album artwork” should be the name of this folder.

9. Once you’ve created and saved this folder, search the internet for the album artwork or the song you’re looking for. One place to look for them is, or the search engine Google images. Once you’ve found the image you want to attach, right-click it and choose “save picture as,” then save it in the new folder you’ve made under “my pictures; my album artwork.” Once the song’s image is saved in that file, you can return to iTunes and, by clicking “add,” you can look for and browse through your “my album artwork” folder to select that picture, and it will be added.

10. It’s worth noting that when you make these changes in iTunes, the original mp3 files are also altered. This means that the songs you copied onto the new desktop folder in the beginning have also been changed. Once you’ve made all of the album artwork changes you want to each song, simply copy the files from that new folder on your desktop back to your mp3 player. When a window appears informing you that your device already has a file with the same name, click “replace.” This means that the old music files on your mp3 player that do not have artwork attachments will be replaced with the new files that you have just modified to include album artwork.

11. You have now completed your task! Don’t be surprised if your mp3 player takes a few moments to recognise the new album artwork changes. This is especially common in cell phones, and it is caused by the processor.

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