How to Tighten a Beats by Dre Headphone

One of the most common problems that people have when using Beats by Dre headphones is that the hinges are loose. It mostly happens as the headphones are used, but there are some cases where the hinges are already loose right out of the box. If you’ve been having the same problem with your headphones, you can tighten them with a simple trick.

Part 1 Tightening the Hinges

1. Get the tools you require. You’ll only need a pair of long-nosed pliers for this. If you don’t have one, you can get one for less than $5 at your local hardware store.

If you don’t want to spend money on the tool, you can use any item with a strong, pointed metal tip.

2. Remove the hinges. Extend the ear muffs away from the headband of your Beats by Dre headphones to expose the hinges.

3. Locate the hinge’s pin. A short metal rod can be found right where the arms of the ear muffs meet the headband. This is the hinge’s pin.

4. Adjust the hinge. Using your long nose pliers, gently lift one end of the metal rod/pin towards the headband at a time. This will tighten the hinge and prevent it from wiggle.

Take care not to damage the metal arm where the pin is located, as well as the plastic portion of the headband. Only bend the tip of the pin, not the entire body. Don’t pull the pin out of the metal arm as well. Repeat with the other arm if it is also loose.

Part 2 Testing the Headphone

1. Extend the ear muffs’ arms. Pull the ear muffs away from the headband and stretch them as far as they will go.

2. Fold the arms out. Spread the earmuffs apart from your body as if you were going to put them on. Hold the headphone by the headband and gently shake it to see if it will stay in place.

3. Tighten it even more. If the earmuffs fold back into place simply by shaking them, repeat Part 1 and tighten the Beats by Dre a little more.

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