How to Play FLAC Files

FLAC files are created by compressing audio files using the Free Lossless Audio Codec while maintaining higher audio quality than MP3 compression. To play FLAC files, you must first install software or a filter that supports the FLAC compression format. Continue reading after the jump to learn how your computer can read and play FLAC files in the same way that it reads MP3 and other compressed audio formats.

Method 1 FLAC Supporting Software

1. Install a programme on your computer that includes support for the FLAC format. This is a quick and simple way to play a FLAC file without requiring any customizations or add-ons. Here are two programmes you might want to look into.

VLC Player: This media player is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. It was once available for iOS devices, but Apple removed it from the App Store. The VideoLAN client, which supports FLAC files as well as Flash Video (FLV) and many other file formats, is included in the VLC Player installation. VLC is well known for its ability to play almost any video file, and plugins allow it to play any that the default installation does not support. VLC Player is available for free download from the VideoLan website.

Foobar 2000: The Foobar 2000 media player supports the FLAC format as a native feature, so you don’t need to install anything extra to play a FLAC file through the Foobar 2000 player. The player is available for free download from the Foobar 2000 website.

Method 2 Playing FLAC Files with Windows Media Player

1. Use a Directshow filter to play FLAC files in Windows Media Player. This is a plug-in for Windows Media Player that allows it to read FLAC files. Here are the steps you need to take.

Get the DirectShow filter. It is available for free download from the Xiph website.

After the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file to launch the installation wizard.

Accept the licence agreement’s terms and then click “Next.” The installation wizard will quickly install the Directshow filter (it should only take a few seconds) and display a status message to notify you when it is finished.

Method 3 Opening a FLAC File

1. Using these simple steps, open a file in VLC Player, Foobar 2000, or Windows Media Player.

To open the player, double-click on its icon. The icon should appear as a shortcut on your desktop.

Click on “File” at the top-left of the player’s user interface.

Select “Open” from the File menu.

Browse to the folder where the file is saved.

Select the file you want to play by clicking on it.

Press the “Open” button to open the file within your chosen media player.

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