How to Guess a Password

Though there is no surefire way to guess a password, there are a few approaches that can point you in the right direction. If you want to know how to guess a password, just follow these steps.

Method 1 Common Tricks

1. Determine the most common passwords. Every year at the end of the year, a list of the top 25 most commonly used passwords is published. These passwords are the easiest to guess and, as a result, the most frequently hacked. Though you should avoid using any of these passwords, try guessing from this list of passwords:


[email protected]
























2. Use some well-known password tricks. Professional password guessers use a few tricks in addition to guessing the most obvious passwords. They know, for example, that there is a 50% chance that a user’s password will contain one or more vowels. Here are a few more tricks you should be aware of:

If the password contains a number, it will usually be a 1 or a 2, and it will be at the end.

If the password contains a capital letter, it is usually at the beginning, often followed by a vowel.

3. Check to see if the password must meet any requirements. Check to see if the password must be a certain length (typically at least 6 characters) and if it must contain at least one number, symbol, or special character. If you’re unsure, try creating your own account at the site where you’re attempting to guess the password, and you’ll be informed of the password’s requirements.

4. Request a hint. If the password has a “hint” option, request one to help you guess the password. “What is your mother’s maiden name?” or “What was the name of your first pet?” are examples of hint questions. These questions can help you narrow down your guesses; even if you don’t know the name of the person’s first pet, you can make a guess based on a variety of pet names. You can also try to bring up first pets in a conversation with that person if you want to be extra sneaky. 

If you know any personal information about that person, the hint can help you narrow down your search considerably. For example, if the question is, “Where were you born?” you may already be aware of the person’s birth state – or even their birth city.

Method 2 Reading Clues

1. Personal names should be guessed. Many people, particularly women, use their personal names as passwords. Most people would not use their own names as passwords, but you could try it anyway. Here are some other names to consider when attempting to guess a password:

The person’s significant other’s or spouse’s name

The names of the individual’s siblings

The person’s current or favourite pet’s name

The name of a person’s (particularly a male’s) favourite athlete

The individual’s childhood or current nickname

2. Determine the individual’s hobbies and interests. You can also guess a password by considering the individual’s hobbies or interests. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Combining a man’s favourite athlete with his favourite sport is a good idea. “Tigergolf” or “Kobebball,” for example.

Determine the name of a woman’s favourite TV show or a favourite character on that show.

Determine the name of a person’s favourite athletic pastime. If the person enjoys swimming, try “Swimmer” with a number after it.

3. Correctly guess important numbers. Many people use numbers as passwords to represent a date or a lucky number. Some people make their entire password out of numbers. You can try these numbers on their own or by appending them to one of the words you guessed. Here are some methods for guessing someone’s password based on numbers:

Determine the person’s birthday. For example, if the person’s birthday is December 18, 1975, enter “121875” or “12181975.”

Try using the person’s home address. The person’s street address, for example, 955, could be included in the password.

Try the lucky number of the person. Try it if the person has been vocal about his lucky number.

If the individual participated in sports, use his jersey number as part of the password.

Try using a portion of the person’s phone number.

Try the person’s college or high school graduating class.

4. Determine the person’s favourite things. You can also guess the person’s password by making a guess from a list of the person’s favourite things. Here are some of our favourite things to try:

The person’s favorite TV show.

The person’s favorite movie.

The person’s favorite food.

The person’s favorite book.

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