How to Convert iPhone Photos to JPG

The iPhone camera takes and stores HEIC/HEIF photos by default with iOS 11 and up, but these file types aren’t as popular as JPG. This ementes will show you how to use the Files app and the camera settings to convert your iPhone photos to JPG.

Method 1: Using the Files App to Convert a Photo

1. Files should be opened. This folder-like icon can be found on one of your Home screens or within the Utilities folder.

If you want your camera to take high-efficiency photos but want to convert them later, use this method. Many third-party apps claim to offer conversions, but they may contain advertisements or require payments to unlock special features, so this is the most dependable method.

See this method if you want your iPhone to take JPG photos by default.

2. Select a location. You’ll want to remember the location you chose because this is where your JPG will be. If you choose to use iCloud Drive, however, the data you use will be counted against your storage limit.

3. Tap and hold an empty space. You can release your finger when a menu pops-up.

4. Select New Folder. Because this is where you’ll put your HEIC files to be converted to JPGs, you should name it something memorable.

To close the file creation window, tap Done.

5. Open the Photos app and navigate to your photo. Find the HEIC version of the photo you want to convert.

6. Tap Select. You’ll see this in the top right corner of your screen.

7. Select the photo you want to convert by tapping it. To indicate that it is selected, a blue checkmark will appear in the lower right corner of the thumbnail.

8. Tap. This share icon is in the lower left corner of your screen, and it will bring up a share menu.

9. Select Copy Photo from the menu. The photo you previously selected will be copied to your clipboard.

10. Navigate to the previously created folder in the Files app. If you didn’t close the Files app, when you open it, you should be in the newly created folder.

11. Hold your finger down on an empty space. When a menu appears, you can let go of your finger.

12. Tap the Paste button. Your HEIC image will be displayed in JPG format here. Again, if you chose to use cloud storage, the images in this section will count against your storage limit.

Method 2: By Default, Take JPG Photos

1. Go to the Settings menu. This gear-shaped app icon can be found on one of your Home screens or in the Utilities folder.

2. Select Camera. It’s usually in the sixth menu grouping, next to the camera icon.

3. Tap Formats. You’ll see this under the “Record slo-mo” option. 

4. Select Most Compatible by tapping. This should be changed from “High Efficiency” to “JPG” to indicate that your images will be saved in JPG format rather than HEIC.

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