How to Use a Vending Machine

Vending machines are an excellent way to obtain snacks and beverages on the go. It’s as simple as inserting money and pressing the button for the item you want to use a vending machine. If your item becomes stuck inside, you have two options: try to knock it down or contact the company for a refund.

Method 1 Operating the Machine

1. Find the price and code for the item you want to buy beneath it. Look for the code and price underneath the item you want to purchase. The code will be a series of numbers, letters, or both that you must enter to obtain the item. Each row will begin with a unique number or letter. The price is typically displayed to the right of the code.

If the vending machine is opaque and only displays images of the items, press the button for what you want. The price should appear next to the money slots on the screen, or it will tell you that it is out of stock.

2. Enter the correct monetary value for the item. Smooth out any bills you’re inserting into the machine first to avoid wrinkles. Examine the sticker next to the bill slot to determine the proper way to insert the bill. Put coins in the coin slot if you’re using them. The amount of money you put into the machine should be displayed on the screen.

Avoid using bills with rips or tears, as the machine may reject them.

Many vending machines will not accept bills larger than $5 USD.

3. If it’s a newer machine, swipe your credit card. If you don’t have any cash on you, newer vending machine models allow you to pay with a credit or debit card. Place the credit card reader near the place where you insert bills. Swipe your credit card to apply it to your purchase.

4. Enter the code for your item or press the button. Check the code for the item you want twice and enter it correctly. If you make a mistake, use the keypad’s clear or cancel buttons to correct it. If your machine does not require a code, simply press the button for your item. When you enter the code, the machine will dispense your item for you to take.

Some drink vending machines dispense bottles from a canister on the machine’s side.

5. Examine the coin chute for any loose change. Look for the coin chute beneath the area where you insert the money. Lift the flap and take your change if you put in more money than the item cost.

Check the coin chute before using the vending machine to see if there are any coins left over from the last user.

Method 2 Getting Items If They’re Stuck

1. If the item is near the bottom of the machine, open and close the door. To create suction inside the machine, open the flap. If your item is loose enough, the suction will draw it down and allow you to grab it.

2. Rock the machine to the side in an attempt to knock your item down. Place your hands on the sides of the vending machine and firmly grip it. Push the machine to one side and then let it fall. Everything that is loose or stuck should fall to the bottom.

If you are unable to move the machine with your hands, try standing on one side of it and pushing your body weight into it.

3. To obtain a refund, dial the number listed on the machine. Locate the phone number next to the slot where you insert money. If you are unable to remove your item from the vending machine, contact the vending company and inform them of your problem so that a refund can be mailed to you.

To avoid losing money in the future, avoid using vending machines where items become stuck.

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