How to Open XPS Files

This emindsca teaches you how to open an XPS file on a PC or Mac. Windows’ response to the more popular PDF file format is XPS files. While Windows computers have a built-in programme for opening XPS files, Mac users will need to convert their XPS files into PDFs before they can be viewed.

Method 1 On Windows

1. If necessary, instal XPS Viewer on your computer. XPS Viewer is installed by default on Windows 10 computers, but you’ll need to reinstall it if you’ve previously cleared your computer’s optional features:

Open Start, then click Settings.

Click Apps, then click the Manage optional features link.

Click Add a feature at the top of the page.

Find and click XPS Viewer, then click Install.

Restart your computer once XPS Viewer finishes installing.

2. Find the XPS document. Go to the location of the XPS document you want to open.

3. Double-click the XPS file. This will cause the XPS document to open in your computer’s XPS Viewer app.

4. Allow time for the document to open. Depending on the size of the document, this may take a few seconds. When the document has finished loading, it should appear in the XPS Viewer window.

5. Launch XPS Viewer on its own. To open the programme that you use to view XPS documents, do the following:

Open Start.

Type in xps viewer.

Click XPS Viewer in the list of search results.

6. Click File. It’s in the XPS viewer window at the top. This will open a drop-down menu.

7. Click the Open button. It’s the first option from the drop-down menu. This will open a new file explorer window in which you can select the XPS file to open.

8. Click Open after selecting your XPS file. Select the location of your XPS file on the left side of the file explorer window (for example, *Documents* or *Downloads*), and then click on the XPS file to select it. Then, in the bottom-right corner of the file explorer window, click the Open button. This launches the XPS viewer and displays your XPS file.

Method 2 On Mac

1. Navigate to the XPS to PDF website. In your computer’s web browser, navigate to While XPS files cannot be opened on a Mac without the purchase of software, they can be converted into PDF files that can be opened with your Mac’s default PDF viewer.

In terms of presentation, XPS files are fundamentally no different from PDFs.

2. Click UPLOAD FILES. It’s a teal button in the middle of the page. A Finder window will open.

3. Choose your XPS file. Navigate to the location of the XPS file you want to open, then double-click it to select it.

4. Select by clicking the Choose button. This blue button is located in the window’s bottom-right corner. This causes the XPS file to be uploaded to the XPS to PDF website.

Alternatively, you can click Open here.

5. Click the DOWNLOAD button. Once the conversion is complete, this yellow button will appear in the middle of the page below the name of your XPS document. When you click it, your converted PDF will begin to download.

Before the PDF can be downloaded, you may be asked to confirm the download or select a save location.

6. Double-click the PDF file you just downloaded. This will open it in the default PDF viewer on your Mac (usually the Preview application).

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