How to Get an IBAN Number

An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) allows money to be transferred across national borders. If you want to wire money, you will need the IBAN of the person to whom you are sending money. Because the United States currently does not participate in IBAN, you will need to provide different information when transferring to a U.S.-based account.

Part 1: Finding an IBAN Number

1. Request that the recipient contact their bank. If you are sending money to someone, have the recipient contact their bank to obtain their IBAN. This may be the simplest method for locating the IBAN number.

2. If you are receiving funds, please contact your bank. You must provide your IBAN to the person who is sending the wire. Your bank should be able to provide you with it. Call and speak with a representative, giving them your name and account number.

There might also be a link on the website where you can look up your IBAN number.

3. Consider your statement. Your IBAN is published on your bank statement by some banks, such as Barclays. Locate your paper copy or log into your account to locate the IBAN. Look in the top right corner of your paper statement for the IBAN number, as many banks provide it there.

4. Make use of an online calculator. There are numerous online calculators that will convert a bank account to an IBAN. Enter the bank’s code as well as the account number. An IBAN is a code that starts with two letters and ends with 14-30 numbers. Sample IBANs by country can be found at

An IBAN for Finland, for example, could be FI1410093000123458.

Search for “IBAN calculator” on the internet to find these calculators.

5. Check an IBAN twice. You can verify the accuracy of someone’s IBAN if they give you theirs. An IBAN can be validated using some online calculators. Search for “IBAN validation calculator” to find them.

You can also contact the bank that will be receiving the funds and provide them with the recipient’s name. Request that the IBAN be validated.

Part 2 Transferring Money to the US

1. Determine the Swift Code/BIC of the bank. The United States does not participate in IBAN. Nonetheless, you can transfer funds to a U.S. bank account by using the bank’s Bank Identifier Code (BIC), also known as the SWIFT Code. This code consists of eight or eleven digits and can be found on the bank’s website.

Some smaller banks may not provide this information online, so contact them and request their Swift Code.

Large banks in the United States frequently have multiple Swift Codes. Determine the Swift Code for the bank’s location.

2. Obtain the account number of the recipient. The account number can be found on a check or on a bank statement by the recipient. The recipient’s account number is usually 10-12 digits long and appears on the check right next to the nine-digit routing number.

3. Online money transfer. Your bank may permit you to wire funds from an online account. Log in to your account and look near the top of the page for the wire transfer option. You will need the following details:

The recipient’s bank’s full name and address.

Swift code of the recipient bank

Name, address, account number, and account name of the recipient (e.g., savings or checking).

4. Request that the money be wired to you by a teller. If you don’t want to wire money online, you can go to your bank in person and have the teller wire the funds for you. Share the same information you’d need if you were doing the transfer yourself online.

Some inexperienced tellers may be unaware that US-based banks do not use IBAN. In this case, request to speak with a manager so that the situation can be explained to the teller.

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