How to Get 4G LTE

This ementes will show you how to connect your Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, or Blackberry device to a 4G LTE network. In the Settings menu of most phones, you can change your phone’s wireless network to LTE.

Method 1 Enabling 4G LTE on Android

1. Open your Android’s Settings. You’ll find this gear-shaped icon in the app drawer.

2. Cellular networks or Mobile networks should be selected. You will then be taken to another page.

If you don’t see one of these options, you may need to go to Wireless and networks and then More Settings (or a three-dot menu) to see more.

3. Select Network Mode. In some models, this may be a drop-down menu with various network types listed.

4. Choose between 4G and LTE. The options listed may differ depending on your Android model and carrier. Once selected, 4G LTE speeds on your Android will be enabled.

If you don’t see an LTE or 4G option, launch the Phone app and enter the following code: *#*#4636#*#*. Once you’ve entered your information, tap the Send or Call button to get information about your phone.

To run the command, press the Send button. This code displays important information about your device, such as battery life, WiFi connectivity, and more.

Scroll down to Set preferred network type after tapping on Phone information.

Choose the option that provides LTE speeds. Most of the time, this option will read LTE / GSM / WCDMA. The 4G LTE network will now be activated, and the 4G logo will appear at the top of your device.

After rebooting your device, repeat the preceding steps. Your network connection will be reset to default settings if you reset or reboot your device.

Method 2 Enabling 4G LTE on iPhone

1. Open the Settings app. It’s the grey gear-shaped icon that appears on the home screen most of the time.

2. Select Cellular or Mobile Data. One of these two options will appear in the first group of settings. The option you see varies by location.

3. Toggle the “Cellular Data” or “Mobile Data” switch to On. This will open the settings for mobile networks.

4. Tap Cellular Data Options or Mobile Data Options. This will then direct you to one more setting.

5. Slide the “Enable LTE” switch to On. If you don’t see this option, tap Voice and Data first. Once you’ve done this, 4G LTE will be enabled on your iOS device.

Method 3 Enabling 4G LTE on Windows Phone

1. Go to the Home screen and select Settings. This is usually represented by a gear-shaped icon and can be accessed via the apps menu.

2. Tap on cellular + SIM. This is in the Settings menu

3. Tap the “Highest connection speed” menu. A list of options will appear.

4. Tap 4G on the menu. 4G LTE is now enabled on your Windows Phone.

Method 4 Enabling 4G LTE on Blackberry

1. Navigate to the Home screen and select Settings. This can usually be accessed from the apps menu.

2. Select Networks and Connections from the drop-down menu. To access this feature, simply scroll down in the Settings menu.

3. Turn on the “Data Services” switch. You can skip this step if the switch was already turned on.

4. Choose the network listed under the “Network Technology” header. It’s in the section directly below the switch. Additional network options will be displayed.

5. Choose between LTE and 4G. The options you see will vary depending on the model, location, and network. Choosing a 4G and/or LTE option will connect you to a 4G network.

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