How to Repair a Warped Debit or Credit Card

For those of you who have put your credit card through the dryer more than once, this article is for you!


1. Don’t be concerned. It is possible to repair or replace the card. To begin, try one or more of the solutions listed above, and then contact the bank if none of them work.

Method 1 Ironing the card

1. Prepare your materials: a paper bag, an iron, and a very flat surface. Make use of a cutting board as a flat surface to start with.

2. Set the iron to a low and dry temperature to warm it. It is recommended to use a heat setting of approximately level 2.

3. Insert the debit/credit card into the paper bag so that it is just inside the bag. Both should be laid flat on a very flat surface.

4. Aim for the magnetic swipe strip on the bottom of the screen. In fact, it is the only part of the card that is absolutely necessary to be flattened. Don’t make the numbers look skewed!

5. Once you’ve got your aim perfect, press the button and move the iron back and forth continuously for 30 seconds or less.

6. Take a look at your results. Is your business card creased? If this is not the case, repeat the steps until the swipe section is completely flat.

Method 2 Using a hair dryer to flatten the card

1. Locate a hair dryer and use it. Make sure your card is placed on a flat surface that can withstand being heated.

2. The card should be warmed up with the hair dryer. When the card has been warmed up, bend it in the direction that it needs to go in order to flatten it again.

3. In between a flat surface and a heavy object, such as a large book or another flat object, place the card to protect it. Make use of the heavy item to keep it in place.

4. Allow for a brief period of time to flatten the card. Remove the card and the surface should be flat once more.

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