How to Enable Sidecar on Unsupported Macs

Sidecar, which allows you to turn your iPad into a second monitor, is no longer available starting with macOS Catalina, as it was removed as part of this update. How to Enable Sidecar on Mac OS X Catalina is explained in this ementes. For normal use of Sidecar (such as when listening to Big Sur), select it from the AirPlay drop-down menu in your screen’s menu bar at the top of the screen.


1. A cable is required to connect your iPad to your Mac. You should have received a lightning to USB cable with your iPad, which you should make use of. The lightning port on your iPad is located at the bottom of the device, whereas the USB port on your computer is located either on the back or sides of the monitor, respectively.

2. Launch the Terminal programme. If you’re using Finder, you can find it in the Utilities folder, or you can open Spotlight by pressing Cmd + Spacebar together.

3. Enter the following code.

defaults write AllowAllDevices -bool true; defaults write hasShownPref -bool true; open /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Sidecar.prefPane

4. Return will be displayed. This will execute the command that you typed into the Terminal window. You’ll need to type it again if there is a typo, and you’ll need to type it again if you don’t get the result you want.

If you are prompted, enter your username and password.

If the code was successful, you’ll be able to tell because the “Sidecar” option will appear in your System Preferences.

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