How to Use an Electronic Typewriter

Although electronic typewriters can be difficult to use at first, with practise they become second nature. They are the most rapid of all the typewriters on the market. This article will instruct you on how to operate an electronic typewriter effectively.


1. Connect your electronic typewriter to an electrical outlet that has the appropriate voltage. Electronic typewriters, in contrast to manual typewriters, will not function unless they are plugged into a power source.

2. Make use of the switch to turn on your typewriter. Consult the user manuals to determine where the switch is located. Some typewriter switches may be located on the front or side of the machine.

3. Just sit back and wait for the typewriter to get ready. This is done by the typewriter in order to ensure that the daisy wheel and ribbons are in the proper position.

4. Insert two sheets of paper into the typewriter’s paper feed.

This is done to ensure that the typewriter’s platen is not damaged in the process.

One piece of paper will be placed next to the platen to protect it from damage, and the other will be placed on top to allow for typing.

Insert the paper into the machine in the manner prescribed by the manual. You can use the knob, the automatic paper insert, or the return key to make your selection.

5. Set your margins in accordance with the instructions in the manual. The new button for setting margins is found on the majority of electronic typewriters.

6. Set your tab stops according to the manuals (optional).

7. Start putting words on the screen!

Make certain that you press the return key at the end of each line in order to advance to the next line. Otherwise, it will simply beep in the background.

Lift off is a feature found on the majority of electronic devices. When you press the key, it will erase any typos (or errors) from the paper. After the error has been removed, you can proceed to type the correct word or character.

The Automatic carriage return feature is available on some electronic typewriters. When you reach the end of the line, the carrier will automatically turn around and return to its starting position.

8. When you are finished, use the platen knob to remove the paper from the typewriter or press the return key to exit the typewriter.

9. Turn off the typewriter and unplug it.

10. When not in use, keep the typewriter protected by placing it in a case. Always remember to take good care of your typewriter.

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