How to Use a Credit Card at a Snack Vending Machine

Some vending machines are now equipped to accept credit cards. If you’re wondering how to make use of them, this article can provide some guidance. It will be explained in this article how to use a vending machine when you only have a credit card to use to make the payment.


1. Check to see if the credit card you have is configured to allow you to charge things. Examine the types of cards that will be accepted by the machine reader. Snack machines, despite their VISA associations behind the scenes, do not accept ATM cards in most cases, and this should be clearly stated on the ATM card reader on the vending machine itself.

2. Consider looking at the card reader for a brief moment to ensure that your card will be accepted. All credit and debit cards (which are issued by a bank) bear one of a number of different insignias (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, etc.). Determine whether or not the insignia on the card corresponds to one of the insignias displayed on or near the card reader.

3. Take a look at the card reader to see which direction to swipe the card in. You may see the card reader instructing you to swipe with the magnetic strip to the left on occasion, and you may see the card reader instructing you to swipe with the magnetic strip to the right on occasion.

4. Wait for the reader to return a message stating that you have been approved after you have swiped the card from the very top to the very bottom of the reader. In most cases, when the screen displays “approved,” it means that the vending machine company has placed a temporary authorization payment on your account to ensure that there is money in your account and that they are able to take the money from you at any time.

5. Make your selection and wait for the item to appear in the drop-down menu. To make your selection, enter the numbers on the keypad that has been provided near the reader, just as you would have done if you had cash and/or change in your hand.

6. Continually repeat this process for as many items as you have planned to purchase. The majority of businesses will combine your charges into a single, larger charge.

7. To ensure that your card cannot be used any more times by unauthorised users, press the button labelled “End” on the card reader itself. When using a vending machine that accepts this type of payment, it is important to remember to complete this step. Most first-time users forget to complete this step.

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