How to Unlock Your Browser

It is possible that your browser will display a message stating that “This browser has been locked” if your computer has been infected by malware that pretends to be the FBI. Users will be instructed to pay a fee in order to have their Internet browser unlocked by the malware, but you can unlock your browser for free by either resetting or quitting your browser in Windows or Mac OS X, depending on your operating system.

Method 1 Unlocking Your Browser in Windows

1. Right-click on the Windows taskbar located on your desktop.

2. Click on “Start Task Manager.” The Task Manager window will display on-screen.

3. Click on the Processes tab, then click on “Show processes from all users.”

4. Select the process that is currently being run by your Internet browser by clicking on it. To use Google Chrome as your browser, for example, you would click on the file “chrome.exe.”

5. Select “End Process” from the floating menu displayed on-screen.

6. Click on “End Process” again when asked to confirm that you want to end the process.

7. To bring the process to a close, select “Yes.” When you open your browser the next time, it will no longer be locked in this state.

Method 2 Resetting Your Browser on Mac OS X

1. Click on “Safari” and select “Reset Safari.”

If using Firefox, click on “Help > Troubleshooting Information > Reset Firefox.”

2. Verify that all of the items on the Reset dialogue box are checked, and then click on the “Reset” button. Your browser’s settings will be reset to their default values, and it will no longer be locked.

Method 3 Force Quitting Your Browser on Mac OS X

1. On your Mac computer, press the Command, Option, and Escape keys all at the same time to bring up the menu bar. The Force Quit window will appear on your computer’s screen.

2. “Force Quit” the browser that has been hijacked by the malware programme by selecting it and clicking “Force Quit.” Your browser will be forced to shut down and will no longer be locked in place.

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