How to Set Up a FIOS Network with a Verizon DIY Self Install Kit

Using a Verizon DIY Self Install Kit, this how-to will demonstrate how to set up a FIOS network from scratch. In order to be eligible for a self-installation kit, your home, condominium, or apartment must have already been wired for Verizon FIOS.


1. Locate the most convenient location for your Verizon router. If you or the previous owner is aware of the location where Verizon previously installed the router, you should use that location.

Identify the location where Verizon installed the ONT (Optical Network Terminal). The majority of houses will have this outside, and most apartments and condos will have it in their closet.

Then locate the coax wall outlet that is the most convenient for you.

2. Connect your router to your computer.

Connect the router to the coax wall outlet that you discovered in step one, using the coax cable that was provided. If you are also installing a television in the same location, you can use the coax splitter that is provided to connect the two devices.

Connect the router’s power cable to the wall outlet it came with.

3. Check the router’s connectivity to make sure it is working properly. Verizon should have sent you a router that was already set up to connect to their network and use their services.

Look for the indicator lights on the device’s front face to confirm that it is operational.

Check that the Power light (A) is a solid green colour.

Ensure that the Coax WAN light (B) is illuminated in solid green. It may take a few minutes to complete this process.

When both the Power and Coax WAN lights remain solid green, you have verified that you have established a successful connection to Verizon’s network.

If both lights do not remain a solid green colour, the router should be moved to a different coax wall outlet to be tested. Continue to look for coax wall outlets until you find one that works properly. If none of these solutions worked, contact technical support (1-800-VERIZON).

4. Wirelessly connect a computer to the router to make use of its capabilities (optional).

An adhesive sticker that is attached to the bottom of the router contains the router’s preconfigured configurations and settings.

Examine the sticker for the SSID and WPA2 key configurations.

Navigate to your wireless device’s wireless connection settings by pressing the menu button.

Locate and select the wireless network that has the same SSID as your router from the list of available wireless networks.

In the password window that appears, type in the WPA2 key that you found in your router’s configurations.

5. A network cable should be used to connect a computer to the router (optional).

Connect one end of the CAT5e network cable to the router and the other end to the device, using the provided CAT5e network cable to connect the two ends together.

Examine the indicator lights on both the router and your device to ensure that the connection is working properly.

6. Connect a set-top box to your television (optional).

Locate a coax wall outlet in close proximity to where you intend to instal your television.

Connect one end of the coax cable to the coax wall outlet and the other end to the back of the set top box, using the coax cable that was provided.

By connecting the set-top box to a power outlet with the included power cable, you can watch television.

Connect the set-top box to your television via a composite video cable or an HDMI cable, depending on your preference.

Change the input device settings on your TV to the one coming from the set-top box. Refer to your TV’s manual for instructions on how to change your input device settings.

The automatic activation setup will begin as soon as your television and set-top box are both turned on. This process can take up to 15 minutes to complete.

The Verizon TV Guide should appear on your television screen after the activation process has been completed successfully.

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