How to Reset a Nook Color

As with any electronic device, as we use our Nook Color, we make changes and modifications to its programmes, such as installing apps and copying files, which puts a strain on the device and causes it to slow down. This is a common occurrence that cannot be avoided. However, if you want your Nook Color to function exactly as it did the first time you used it, you may want to consider resetting it to factory default. This will undo any programme modifications and restore your Nook Color to its factory default state.


1. Make a backup of your Nook. Before you begin the process of resetting your Nook, make a backup of all of its data on your computer. A factory reset will completely wipe out all of the data and settings stored on your device, so make a backup of everything before proceeding.

2. To begin the process of resetting your Nook Color, turn off your device. Press and hold the Power button for approximately 3 to 5 seconds, or until the screen goes blank.

Please ignore the “Power Off” prompt because the device will shut down automatically if you press and hold the Power button for a long period of time. The Power button is located on the device’s upper left side. It is easily accessible.

3. In order to turn on the device, press and hold both the Power and Home buttons (the “n” button below its screen) at the same time for several seconds. This is critical because it is the only way to cause the system to restart.. Once the text “Read Forever” appears on the screen, press and hold the buttons for a few seconds.

Steps 2 and 3 should result in a Nook logo appearing after the “Read Forever” text, and the Nook Color’s screen should refresh and flash a yellow colour if you followed the instructions correctly.

An option to perform a factory reset will be presented to you after the screen has flashed several times.

4. To agree, press the Home button (n) on your keyboard. A second prompt will appear, this time asking for confirmation. To confirm, press the Home button a second time.

The factory reset procedure will begin; simply wait for it to complete, which should only take a few minutes.

Your Nook Color will restart after the reset has been completed. Once it has been turned back on, simply register it so that you can begin using your Nook Color as you did the first time you purchased it.

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