How to Play Karaoke Discs on a PC

Have you ever wanted to sing karaoke but couldn’t because you were stuck at home? Here’s how to use your computer to play karaoke discs!


1. Make sure you have a computer that meets all of the system requirements. Given that you will be purchasing and using karaoke software as well as karaoke CD + G (“CD with graphics”) discs, you will require a computer that runs the Windows XP or Vista operating system, has a processor that runs at or above 800 MHz, has at least 256 MB of RAM, and displays in 32-bit mode.

2. Possess any CD drive that is capable of reading CD + G subcodes (these codes contain graphics and words that will be displayed while the music or song is playing). If you don’t already have one on your computer, you could add one to your computer tower for a reasonable price if you have the space for another hard drive.

3. In order for this to work, your computer must have Windows Media Player or another media player installed. This is the sequence that the karaoke software will perform. When you play the songs, you will also be able to hear them because of this.

4. Purchase a good set of speakers as well as a microphone for your computer. If you already have a good set of speakers, this will most likely be sufficient for your needs. If, on the other hand, you intend to use your PC to play karaoke in a large room or with a large number of people, you may want to consider upgrading your speakers. When selecting a microphone, make sure that it has a loud enough sound so that people can hear you. To summarise: If you purchase an adequate microphone—one that is not intended solely for entertainment or children—it should be adequate for your needs.

5. Purchase and download a karaoke software programme that allows your computer to not only read CDs and play music, but also allows the words to appear on the computer screen while you are singing. For those who don’t require the lyrics, any karaoke CD can be placed in the CD player and played through Windows Media Player. Siglos is a CD + G karaoke software package that is available for download from the Internet.

6. Purchase or obtain some CD + G karaoke CD’s.

7. Start by launching your CD + G karaoke software on your personal computer. Just pop in your favourite karaoke CD, and you’re good to go! You can start playing the CD and singing along with the words and music by following the simple instructions on the karaoke software and your computer screen.

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