How to Play Jeopardy with Alexa

Using an Alexa-enabled device such as the Echo or the Echo Dot, you can play Jeopardy!, as demonstrated in this ementes. If you want to be on the show one day, putting yourself in a situation where you have to answer questions in a short amount of time is a good way to get some practise. Simply enable the Alexa skill, and you will be able to answer Jeopardy! questions that are updated on a weekly basis. If you prefer more specialised topics, there are also versions of Jeopardy for Teens and Sports Jeopardy that are entertaining.


1. Say, “Alexa, open Jeopardy!” This starts the Jeopardy skill on your Echo device.

Say, “Alexa, open Teen Jeopardy!” or “Alexa, open Sports Jeopardy!” to access these versions of the game.

2. Answer the questions to the best of your ability. Following a brief introduction, the skill will immediately begin asking you questions after informing you of the category. You must answer in the form of a question or your response will not be considered valid.

Here’s an illustration of a question: “Medical Words and Phrases is the title of the category. This word, which begins with the letter ‘C,’ is a slang term for a bruise.” You’ll have approximately 10 seconds to respond to this question. In this case, the correct response is, “What exactly is a ‘contusion’?” No need to say “Alexa” before stating your response to the question.

If you don’t know the answer, simply state, “I don’t know.” Without your participation, the game will simply end without providing you with the correct answer.

If you want to hear the question again, you can say, “Repeat the question.”

2. Get the information you need. The skill will tell you how well you did in comparison to every other player who answered this set of questions after you have answered all six questions. Compare your results with those of your family and friends to find out who did the best overall!

3. Play the questions from the previous day. If you haven’t been participating in the Jeopardy! skill every day, you’ll have questions from previous days available for you to answer if you haven’t been participating. Simply wait until you’ve received your results, and if there are any additional questions available, you’ll be asked if you’d like to participate in answering them. Simply respond with “Yes,” and the game will begin again. Every weekday, a new set of questions is released.

Using Double Jeopardy!, Amazon Prime members will receive an additional 6 questions each day for the rest of the month. After you have answered the first six questions for the day, you will be asked an additional six questions that will be asked automatically. If you are not a Prime member, you can upgrade to Prime for $2 a month in exchange for the additional questions.

Every Friday, a total of 12 new free clues are released for the Teen and Sports Jeopardy categories. You can also purchase monthly packs of 50 clues for $0.99 for Prime members and $1.99 if you don’t have a membership at the time of publication.

4. Restart a game that you had to stop due to time constraints. If you have to close the skill before you have completed it, don’t worry; you can easily return to where you were before you closed it. Simply reopen the skill and you will be given the option to either restart the day’s questions or continue from where you left off the previous day. Simply say “Restart” or “Resume” to bring up the menu.

To continue playing Jeopardy, for example, you would tell Alexa to “play Jeopardy,” which means “Alexa, continue playing Jeopardy.” Then, when prompted, say “Resume” to continue.

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