How to Make Audio Only FaceTime Calls

Wanting to make a FaceTime call to someone but not wanting to engage in live video chat is a valid option. Who knows, you might be having a bad hair day, you might be experiencing poor signal, or you might simply not want to be seen or seen by anyone at the moment. It doesn’t matter why it’s possible; what matters is that it is possible. Instead of having to hold a live video call with your friends who are also using FaceTime, you can make audio-only calls to your friends who are not using FaceTime.

Part 1 Enabling FaceTime

1. Navigate to the device’s settings. The gear icon on your iPhone’s home screen will take you to its device settings, where you can customise a variety of features on your device.

2. Navigate to the FaceTime preferences. Continue scrolling down the Settings screen and selecting “FaceTime” from the list of options available to view the FaceTime settings on your iPhone.

3. FaceTime should be enabled. To enable FaceTime, turn on the toggle switch next to the “FaceTime” label at the very top of the FaceTime settings screen by pressing it in the green position.

Part 2 Making Audio-Only FaceTime Calls

1. To begin, open your Contacts. Selecting “Contacts” from the iPhone’s home screen will bring up a list of all the people whose contact information is currently stored on the device.

2. Select the person who will be contacted. Continue to scroll down your Contacts list until you find the person you wish to contact. To open the Contact Details screen, select their name from the list and tap it.

3. Make an audio-only FaceTime call with your friend. The person you’re about to call should have a “FaceTime” heading under their name if they use FaceTime, so scroll down the Contact Details screen until you see it. A video and a phone icon will be displayed next to it. To initiate an audio-only FaceTime call, tap the phone icon on the toolbar. In order to begin the conversation, you must first wait for the other person to respond.

Instead of tapping the audio icon, you can tap the video icon to initiate a FaceTime video call.

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