How to Get More Points on GasBuddy

You’ve been thinking about trying to level up on GasBuddy, but you’re having trouble figuring out where to start? The following steps, beginning with step 1, will explain how you can earn points on the GasBuddy website.

Method 1 Via the PC Website

1. You should make an effort to report all four prices at the same gas station on the same day. With each price you report worth 200 points, this can quickly accumulate to a significant amount of money. But once you reach 1,000 points on any given day, the points will stop accruing for that particular day.

2. Participate in the weekly opinion poll by voting. Be aware that if you cast your vote in a previous week’s opinion poll from the widget GasBuddy provides, you will not receive any points, so exercise caution. Every week that you participate in the poll, you can earn up to an additional 100 points for your efforts.

3. Using the GasBuddy Tell a Friend feature page/tool, you can send an email invitation to a friend about GasBuddy. You’ll receive 80 points for each friend you refer to the game.

4. Posting in the forum earns you 20 points per post. You have the option of responding to an existing discussion or starting a new discussion about a specific station or feature. If you post in the forum too frequently or in a manner that is deemed unacceptable, this is referred to as “posting for points” and is strongly discouraged by the administrators. Post only when your comment will not be disruptive to others, or when a new comment has not been started previously, or when your comment is related to another ongoing discussion elsewhere on the site.

5. To learn more about what’s going on in the petroleum/gas-based world and its investors, read some of the recent news items/widgets on the GasBuddy site, such as the recent news widget. You can earn 25 points for each news item you read (or for each link you click into far enough into the page to ensure that the page has completely loaded). The majority of the time, this will net you between 100 and 125 points.

6. On the website, you can watch videos. Despite the fact that these videos are not intended to provide information about the gasoline industry (though all of the other things are intended to provide information about the gasoline industry), for each video you watch, not only does GasBuddy receive more revenue, but you also receive points in your account. Each video you watch earns you 200 points towards your total. It should be noted that you cannot earn more than 1000 points per day if you view the maximum number of videos permitted by the programme rules.

Method 2 Via the GasBuddy Mobile Apps

1. Price changes can be submitted through the mobile apps for a variety of prices at various stations. However, you must be cautious about what you submit because the app only allows users to earn 1000 points per day. Keep in mind, however, that these points are separate and apart from any that you may have submitted through the GasBuddy website. It is not sufficient to simply click on the voting buttons labelled “This price is correct” or “This price is not correct” to express your opinion. To receive your points, you must first open the station and then tap on the “Report Gas Prices” button, filling in each box with the price you have and then submitting the information.

2. Complete more of the bonus extra activities that GasBuddy provides you through the mobile app. For example, it could be something as simple as watching videos on the app or even submitting prices for high-tech octane and/or diesel, or it could be one of the many different challenges you receive each week, which will change on a regular basis (weekly).

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