How to Download Epson Scan Software

This emindsca will show you how to download and instal Epson scanner software on your personal computer. After you have connected your scanner or all-in-one printer to your computer, you can proceed to the next step to obtain the necessary software, including any drivers that may be required for the device.


1. Go to You can use any web browser on the computer that’s connected to the Epson scanner to download software.

2. Click Click here. It’s in the block of text under “Epson Scan Smart.”

3. Enter your product number or choose your scanner type from the drop-down menu. If you choose a scanner type, you’ll be prompted to choose the model of the scanner that you currently own. As soon as you click on the series number, a picture of that particular model will appear on the following page, allowing you to return and try again if you have selected the incorrect one.

In the drop-down menu next to “Operating System,” Epson automatically detects which version of Windows, macOS, or Linux you’re using and displays it there. If you have selected the incorrect operating system, you can change it by selecting it from the drop-down menu under the Downloads tab.

4. Click Recommended For You (if it’s not expanded). If this menu option is already expanded, you can skip this step.

5. In the “Recommended For You” section, select “Download.” This package contains all of the drivers and software that you’ll need to use the scanner properly.

For scanners that do not have the product setup tool listed under “Recommended For You,” go to Drivers and download Epson Scan from the Epson website. Download Epson Scan first, followed by the Scanner Driver if you have an All-in-One printer. Printers only require the Driver file to be downloaded.

6. Click Save. If you want to change the default file name and location, do that before you click Save.

7. Open the file that you just downloaded. You can click on a notification that appears in many browsers, such as Chrome, in order to open a downloaded file. In any other case, navigate to the downloaded file in your file manager and double-click on it.

8. Installing the software is as simple as following the on-screen instructions. Using your Epson device will become available once the progress bar has reached the end.

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