How to Delete Duplicates in Word

This emindsca will teach you how to use a computer to locate and delete duplicate words in Microsoft Word documents. However, you can always use the find and replace tool to manually locate specific words and remove them from your document if the default grammar checker does not highlight any repetitions.


1. Open the Word document containing your project. When you have Word open, you can either choose File > Open from the menu bar, or you can right-click your project file and choose Open with > Word from the context menu.

In the mobile app, simply open your project in editing mode and tap the magnifying glass, then type in the word you’re looking for to find it.

2. Select the Home tab from the drop-down menu (if needed). When you open the project, this should be the tab that is selected if you haven’t selected another tab yet.

3. Click the arrow next to Find. It’s in the “Editing” group.

4. Click Advanced Find. This will pop up a “Find and Replace” window.

5. Fill in the blanks with the word you want to search for. You should be able to enter your word into a field provided.

6. Click More. It’s at the bottom of the window.

7. Check the boxes next to “Find whole words only” and “Highlight all” to make sure they are both checked. This instructs the tool to look for and highlight the word in question.

In some cases, you may need to click Reading Highlight first before you can see “Highlight All.”

8. Press ← Backspace or Delete until the word is deleted. You’ll manually need to delete the highlighted words if you want to remove duplicates.

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