How to Convert .Contact Files to VCF

The contacts on your laptop/desktop are in the correct format, but your phone refuses to accept them because they are not in the correct format on your phone’s memory. Here’s what you should do.


1. ‘Windows Explorer’ should be launched. Clicking on the folder icon in the task bar will allow you to accomplish this. You can’t seem to find it? In Windows 7, look for the term ‘Windows Explorer’ in the search programme and files bar, and in Windows 8, go to the ‘Tiles’ Page and then search for the term ‘Windows Explorer.’

2. See the file icon at the top of the page? Is it the one that says “libraries”? Fill in the blanks with C: Users (insert user name here) Contacts, with the exception that the phrase “username goes here” is replaced with your computer’s username.

We’ve arrived at our.contacts files at this point. At this point, your Windows Explorer should take up the entire screen space. Except for your task bar, do you notice the export button at the top of the screen right after you import?

3. Click that.

4. I would recommend creating a new file in the documents folder if you want your contacts to be exported.

5. If it says Your contacts have been exported, or something close to that your PARTLY done.

6. Go to where you exported your contacts, highlight what you want and press CTRL+C

7. Now connect your device to your computer via a USB stick, then go into your phone and create a contacts folder inside the device, then CTRL+V all of the contacts in that file.

8. Unplug the device.

9. Go to contacts and click on the right off the bottom.

10. Click anything that is close to scanning for vCards.

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