How to Connect an A2DP Bluetooth Headset to PC Using a Bluetooth Adapter

This is going to be a tutorial for those who want to connect their stereo bluetooth headset to their personal computer (PC). This is based on Windows 7 and a Nokia BH-604 headset, though the steps are very similar regardless of operating system. This is accomplished through the use of a Rocketfish USB Bluetooth dongle.


1. If you have not already done so, connect the Bluetooth adapter to your computer. Make sure to give it enough time to complete the installation of the required drivers.

2. To begin, turn on the Adapter if it has not already been done. Find your way to the devices and printers you want to use, and then locate your bluetooth adapter. Properties can be accessed by right-clicking and selecting them. Make certain that the following options are selected: Allow Devices to Find This Computer, Allowing devices to connect to this computer is a good idea. Notify me when a Bluetooth device attempts to connect, and, if desired, display Bluetooth in the notifications area of the device.

3. Make sure your headset is in discovery mode and that your PC is searching for it. This can be accomplished by selecting the devices tab from your adapter’s properties window, or by right-clicking the bluetooth icon in the system tray and selecting Add Device from the context menu.

4. When your adapter has located your device, it is time to pair the two devices together. Some headsets are pre-programmed with the pairing code 0000. Your code can be found in your manual.

5. Once paired allow the computer to install the drivers from windows update.

6. Stereo audio should be selected on the headset. By right-clicking the Bluetooth device icon in the system tray, you can access Bluetooth devices. Select properties from the context menu of your headset by right-clicking it. Then click on the services tab and wait for the services to be loaded into the browser. It is necessary to ensure that both “Audio Sink” and “Headset” are checked. You may also choose to turn off “Hands-free Telephony.” When I was using Skype to make a call, I discovered that my headset had been set to mono sound. Disable it in order to prevent this from occurring. Allow the computer to instal additional drivers by selecting Apply/OK. In some cases, this may not be necessary if the audio sink and the headset have both been checked.

7. Choose a headset from the drop-down menu. Check to see that your headset is still turned on and connected. Open the “control panel” and click on “hardware and sound,” then “Sound,” before closing the window. A new bluetooth audio option will be available under the playback tab. Depending on your headset, it may or may not be referred to as stereo audio. It is necessary to right-click the device and select “Make this device the default.” When adjusting the headset, make certain that no sound is being played. The headset may become unresponsive as a result of this. If this occurs, you will need to restart your headset.

8. Test! Play some music or a video in Windows Media Player to see if it works. As long as you can hear sound, you’re in the clear.

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