How to Charge a Mavic Pro Controller

In spite of the fact that the DJI Mavic Pro is a drone with its own charging system, the controller must be charged separately. This emindsca will show you how to charge the DJI Mavic Pro controller using any USB-A port or battery pack that you have.


1. Find the micro-USB port on the controller and plug it in. This port is usually found on the side of the controller, and it is sometimes obscured by a plug-in, as shown below.

You should be able to use any USB-A to micro-USB cable that you can find at most retailers in place of the one that came with the controller, which is a USB-A to micro-USB cable.

2. Connect the micro-USB end of your cable to the controller and turn it on. The smaller end of the cable is located here.

Look at the port on the controller and make sure it is lined up correctly so that the cable can be properly inserted. If you look closely, you will notice that the controller’s port is square, while the cable plug-in is more like a rhombus with slanted edges. Examine the inside of the cable’s plug-in shape to get an idea of how to properly insert it into the controller’s port so that it fits properly.

Inserting the plug into the port the wrong way for an extended period of time will loosen the tongue inside the port and cause damage. You can use nail polish to mark the top of the cable so that you will know which way to insert the plug-in when you are finished.

It’s also possible to purchase a reversible USB cable, and you shouldn’t have any problems connecting and charging your controller with one.

3. The USB-A end of your cable should be plugged into the charger block. The Mavic Pro Battery Charger can be used with any USB-A power bank or port if you don’t have one already (like the one on your laptop).

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