How to Change File Permissions to Bypass TrustedInstaller

TrustedInstaller is a Windows security principal that keeps important system files, such as the contents of ‘C:Windows,’ from being deleted by the user. Some of these files may grow to be several gigabytes in size, and you may have good reason to want to delete some of them if you understand what they are used for. You’re going to have a difficult time if you don’t get permission, so you’ll need to change our rights and transfer ownership of the file/folder first.


1. Locate the protected file or folder you want to modify.

2. Right-click it and select Properties. Now switch to the Security tab.

3. Click Advanced and Change in the new window (top).

4. Everyone should be typed into the bottom text box, and then the OK button should be clicked to confirm.

After that, you should be able to make changes to the permission entries for everyone.

5. Create a new principal with your name by clicking Add.

6. Fill in the blanks with your account name. Set everyone’s access level to Full control after you’ve confirmed the window.

7. Confirm your changes by selecting Yes in the new window.

8. Exit the Properties menu. Then you can make the changes you want to the main file.

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