How to Add Guests in Microsoft Teams

If you are the owner of a Microsoft Team, you have the option of inviting guests, which are individuals from outside your organisation with whom you would like to collaborate. Before guests can join, they must have their own Microsoft accounts, and team administrators must grant them access to the team’s resources. This emindsca will show you how to invite guests to a Microsoft Teams meeting on either Windows or Mac.


1. Open Microsoft Teams. You’ll find this application in your Start menu or in the Applications folder in Finder.

You can also use the web app at

2. Teams can be accessed by clicking on them. It can be found in the vertical menu on the left side of the application window, right next to an icon of a group of people.

3. Click ••• next to the Team you want to add the guest to. Make sure you don’t click the three-dot menu next to the wrong Team.

4. Click Add Member. A new dialog box will pop up.

5. Fill out the form with your guest’s email address. No specific email address is required; it is not necessary to use a Microsoft email account.

6. To add that email address as a guest, select the suggestion and click it. It is possible that your organisation has not enabled guest access if you see a warning that says, “We didn’t find any matches.”

The name of the guest will be derived from the email address that was provided. For example, if you send an invitation to [email protected], she will display the name “janedoe2512345” on her computer screen. To make a change, click on the pencil icon, type in her name (Jane Doe), and then click on the checkbox.

7. Add a new item by clicking on it. They will receive an email informing them that they have been invited as a guest to your Team, and they will be able to click the Open Microsoft Teams box to join the Team and begin working right away.

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